Are Polygon Bikes Good? What Types of Bikes Does Polygon Make? 2023

Are Polygon Bikes Good? What Types of Bikes Does Polygon Make? 2023

Polygon bikes are a popular bicycle brand known for their affordability and variety. Many people wonder about are polygon bikes good, and the answer is that they vary. Some people love them and find them of great quality for the price, while others have had issues with durability or customer service.

Overall, Polygon bikes are a decent option for those looking for an affordable bike. However, it is important to research before purchasing one to ensure you get a bike that is right for you.

History of Polygon Bike Company

History of Polygon Bike Company

Polygon Bikes, in reality, has been developing and manufacturing cutting-edge bicycles for almost 25 years. Because of the excellent engineering and artistry, riders from all over the globe have complimented their motorcycles. Polygon has consistently collaborated with industrial engineers, inventive thinkers, and pro riders from North America, Asia, and Europe to build cutting-edge bicycles.

Polygon has taken considerable effort to create designs that riders can readily relate to. Furthermore, the firm is one of the few bicycle manufacturers having production sites all over the globe. Polygon Bikes, in reality, supplies the market with up to 1 million bikes every year.

Furthermore, this enables Polygon Bikes to provide riders with more luxury bikes at reasonable pricing. Polygon’s designers are also responsible for other well-known bike companies, like Specialized, Trek, and Marin, which you may or may not be aware of. The brand offers a variety of bike lines from which potential riders might pick. Polygon bikes are trusted by pro riders all over the globe due to their excellent performance and optimum comfort.

What Types of Bikes Does Polygon Make?

What Types of Bikes Does Polygon Make?

Polygon manufactures various bikes, from Downhill race-winning machines to simple cycles for toddlers.

Mountain bikes

Polygon manufactures mountain bikes for the Downhill (DH), Enduro, Trail, Cross-country (XC), Leisure, and Women’s markets.

Road bikes

Polygone manufactures Endurance, Cyclocross, and Flat bar road bikes.

Urban bikes

Polygone manufactures urban bikes such as hybrids, utility, city, tandem cycles, and folding bikes.

BMX bikes

Polygon manufactures BMX bikes, dirt jump bikes, and pump track bikes.

Youth bikes

Polygon also manufactures bicycles for youngsters to enjoy.

Where Are Polygon Bikes Made?

Polygon Bikes is a brand of bicycles created by PT Insert Sena, an Indonesian bicycle manufacturer in Sidoarjo, East Java, Indonesia. Polygon has industrial units located across Indonesia.

The Technologies of Polygon Bikes

Polygon is well-known for its research investments. They are also continually looking to stay ahead of their competition in terms of having cutting-edge technologies. Furthermore, Polygon Bikes often feature high-quality components from well-known companies like Fox, Shimano, and Ritchey. It’s worth noting that their bike frames have been UCI-approved.

And here are the three most amazing, revolutionary Polygon bike technologies:

FS Independent Floating Suspension

This is the most recent platform, which enables Polygon to construct a suspension that can function as autonomously as possible. It separates the suspension behavior from the rear wheel movement. This enables you to have a responsive ride, regardless of how bumpy or difficult the terrain is. It also works on any difficult path while retaining progressive suspension.

ACX Carbon

The ACX Carbon is polygon a good bike brand latest breakthrough technology. Because of advancements in carbon fiber, the firm has been able to take its bikes to a new level. ACX Carbon is the lightest yet strongest and most durable material used to construct frames.

The combination of High Modulus M Series carbon and TorayTM T700 optimizes the stiffness and strength of the Polygon bikes. Furthermore, the ACX carbon frames are built with the weight reductions riders want without losing endurance or durability.


The ADG is just another fantastic technology added to Polygon bikes. Polygon has altered the geometry of its bike. However, when chasing the clock, little modifications may make a big impact. Polygon built ADG using the flip-chip method, which enables riders to make modest adjustments to achieve better performance.

Performance of Polygon Bikes

Riders nowadays want a bike that is not just lightweight but also stiff and well-built. And Polygon Bikes provide bikers with that precise quality. Because they recognize that riders ride their bikes to be healthy, all of their bikes are very durable.

Every aspect of Polygon’s bike, like the bottom bracket, head angle, wheelbase, and so on, will provide you with an amazing riding experience. Furthermore, all components and pieces are engineered to provide a pleasant and smooth ride.

Their bikes are often outfitted with a unique suspension system that works in unison with the light construction of the cycle. And as you may know, one of the most notable reasons Polygon bikes are so popular among female riders is their lightweight build. Their design enables them to travel at a quicker pace.

Another distinguishing element of Polygon bikes that sets them apart from other models is their adaptability. Their bikes are built to handle well on any route. Furthermore, the robust suspension system helps riders get the extra speed they need while enjoying the long trips the bike may give.

Polygon Bike Categories

Polygon Bikes offers riders an unparalleled riding experience. Consequently, world champion biker Kurt Soge, who won the Red Bull Rampage in 2015 and 2017, favors Polygon bikes over other manufacturers. This is also due to the wide range of bikes available from Polygon Bikes. Let’s have a peek at their product lines:

Road Bikes

  • Performance
  • All-purpose Player
  • Touring and city life

Mountain Bikes

  • Gravity
  • Enduro
  • Trail
  • XC
  • Sport
  • DJ/BMX
  • E-Bikes

Urban Bikes

  • Urban
  • Hybrid
  • E-Bikes
  • Comfort
  • Folding
  • Tandem


Polygon Vs. Trek

Polygon Vs. Trek

Trek Bike Review

Trek is a multinational bike company that produces high-quality bikes in various sizes and designs. Most of its components are from well-known companies, like Shimano, to ensure the highest construction, quality, and performance.

Among the several bike categories offered by Trek, their mountain bike line may be one of the most popular. Trek MTB bikes are popular among riders all over the globe because of their durability, strength, and comfort. Furthermore, they are often constructed to tackle a variety of terrains, letting you have the most enjoyable riding experience possible.

Trek bicycles, like Polygon bikes, are relatively lightweight, making them easy to manage. This is very useful for traversing difficult terrain. And most importantly, Trek bikes do not lose durability just because they are light.


  • Provide a diverse range of bike kinds and styles
  • Provide a comfortable and silky feeling
  • Designed to be easy to handle on any terrain.
  • Integrated with cutting-edge technology


  • The seat post might need some work.

Polygon Urban Bikes

Polygon, like mountain bikes, provides a broad choice of urban bikes, allowing you to choose one that matches your demands easily.


The Polygon Bend model is an excellent companion for any city street, gravel road, or long-distance path. They are designed to provide adaptability and the comfort to explore new territory.

Heist X

This urban bike has exceptional toughness for mild off-road terrains and smoothness and comfort for city riding. The Heist X may be described as an urban bike with a mountain bike heart.

Assume you are an urban warrior looking for a bike that can handle some local singletrack while still doing well on your everyday commute. In such a situation, you should carefully consider Heist X.


The Path model is an excellent blend of design, adaptability, and speed. It has the design of a commuter geometry and the performance of a road bike. As a result, it will provide you with the most pleasant riding experience. So, if you’re searching for a bike for social rides with your pals, consider the Polygon Path.


This is one of the most comfortable city bikes in the Polygon urban bike category. It has an upright riding stance and a very comfortable seat. The Polygon Sierra is made of a lightweight aluminum frame with simple geometry that will carry you to every corner of town.


This model has an antique European-styled frame. It seems to be basic yet sophisticated. More significantly, it provides a very comfortable riding posture and a fantastic riding experience.

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Oosten and Lovina

This Polygon Oosten and Lovina bike is designed for comfort like several earlier versions. You may feel this with the upright riding stance, which allows you to explore more without feeling tired.


If you are a minimalist, you will not want to miss out on this Polygon Zeta. This is a basic but stylish full-sized bike with 20-inch wheels. It also has robust brakes that function in most driving conditions. Furthermore, the rear carrier and mudguard are included.

This type is ideal for city riding since it is simple to use while providing thrill and fashion.


This kind of folding bike is often used to comprehend all of your mobility in a busy metropolis. It has a modest look yet a useful design to help you go about the city faster.


Polygon Impression is a tandem bike ideal for cycling with family, friends, or a partner.

Polygon Bike Review

Polygon bikes are outfitted not just with cutting-edge technology but also with all of the minor components and elements that work together to provide a unique riding experience. The most significant aspect is that their motorcycles are still reasonably priced. Best of all, even if you are a novice rider just starting, Polygon bikes will be an excellent choice for you.

Polygon bikes are popular among many riders due to their exceptional ability to perform effectively on all terrains. Polygon bikes, for example, can manage a new roundabout route from your typical riding path to a new trail that your buddies urge you to try on rather well.

Furthermore, because of the strong suspension system, you may gain the additional speed you need to exceed your boundaries with Polygon bikes. More significantly, you can still enjoy the Polygon bike’s long-distance ride.

Even if riding becomes difficult, you may pick up the bicycle and carry it since Polygon bikes are lightweight. Consequently, you will feel less tired and more confident in your ability to explore further.


  • Extremely light for tackling rough treks.
  • The versatile design allows for riding on any terrain.
  • Comfortable with excellent geometry
  • Innovative techniques are used.
  • Pay close attention to every element and component.


  • Some models do not come in a variety of sizes.

Polygon Road Bikes

Polygon Road Bikes

Polygon is an Indonesian-made worldwide bike brand. The brand is well-known for producing motorcycles with high-performance parts and components that are also affordable. Road bikes are one of Polygon’s most popular bike lanes. The Polygon road bike categories are divided into two primary models: Strattos and Bend.


The Polygon Strattos is built with a lightweight, responsive frame with a fantastic carbon fiber suspension fork. They enhance the ride’s comfort while keeping responsive handling on the terrain.

The Strattos collection includes a variety of cheap road bikes, including The New Strattos Disc Brake and The Strattos S Series.

The New Strattos Disc Brake

The New Strattos Disc Brake model is intended to be an all-purpose road bike. It is the ideal bike for inspiring you to transform every pedal action into pure speed. This model has specs that surpass UCI norms.

Furthermore, it features a geometric design that is popular among many riders throughout the globe, particularly those with a powerful pedaling technique. Another outstanding feature of this model is its strong disc brakes, which function in any weather situation.

This bike is made with either alloy or carbon frames. It will be an excellent bike that fits your requirements for peak performance on local trails or while racing for the podium.

The Strattos S Series

The Polygon Strattos S Series comprises five models: S2, S3, S4, S5, and S7.

Strattos S7

This bike is built using the company’s unique ACX carbon frames and has a fresh design. Because of the road bike geometry design, it will provide you with the best possible speed performance. This Strattos S7 is an excellent model for increasing your speed.

Strattos S2, S3, S4, S5

These bikes, like the Strattos S7, are built with sophisticated ACX carbon frames for maximum performance. However, they have several qualities that make them ideal for everyday training or commuting.


The Bend is another model in the Polygon road bike lineup. This will be your finest riding companion for city streets, dirt paths, and even long-distance tours. Bend provides the rider a pleasant ride and the freedom to explore more.

The Polygon Bend model’s longer head tube is one of its most notable characteristics. This design makes the upright riding posture more pleasant for riders. Furthermore, it is built on a light ALX frame and comes with specific off-road geometry, strong disc brakes, and increased tire clearance.

The Polygon Bend is designed to accommodate bigger tires, allowing riders to ride on pavement, explore the woods, or pedal kilometers on lonely country roads. This model is an excellent blend of adaptability and comfort that you should investigate more.

Polygon Junior Bikes

Polygon Junior Bikes

Polygon Bikes’ main purpose is to develop bikes that everybody can ride. Of course, this means developing and manufacturing lightweight, high-quality, and safe bikes for younger riders. Polygon puts a lot of thought into the geometry of their junior bike collection. This bike line is likewise outfitted with high-quality components that have been scaled down to accommodate riders with shorter torsos.

The Polygon Youth line focuses on designing various bike models for any child that enjoys riding and dreams of future adventures on their bicycles. This range includes three key models: Relic, Rudge, and Claire.


This is the kind of mountain bike that will accompany younger riders on every route for an amazing riding experience.


The Polygon Rudge is a freestyle BMX bike that will catch everyone’s eye. It is intended to let you express your riding style uniquely.


If your child like European fashion, consider giving them this New Polygon Claire24. It is a city designed to make cycling simple and pleasant. The model is built with a lightweight AL6 frame for portability. Furthermore, upright riding makes riding considerably more pleasant for long periods.

Polygon Mountain Bikes

Polygon Mountain Bikes

If you find the Polygon road bike range so diverse in terms of models and designs, you will have even more alternatives for their mountain bike categories. So, are polygon mountain bikes good? There are so many kinds and types of motorcycles available that you can choose one that meets all your needs.


The Polygon Bromo mountain bike is specifically intended to provide riders with the wonderful MTB riding experience they have always desired. It’s the perfect combination of enduro-like stability and trail bike agility. All the characteristics will make climbing more enjoyable, and your enthusiasm will tire.


The Siskiu model is a comfortable full-suspension mountain bike with an aluminum frame. It is an excellent blend of cutting-edge technology and high-quality components. If you’re seeking a bike to ride in the most difficult circumstances, the Polygon Siskiu is a viable alternative. It’s an agile, aggressive, and quick bicycle.


The Syncline is a fantastic XC trail bike with current geometry that produces amazing performance. The frame is not only lightweight but also very rigid, with two-wheel sizes available: 27.5 inches or 29 inches. This model will keep you safe on any cross-country or technical terrain.


The Polygon Xtrada Series is a wonderful alternative for individuals looking for a bike that can ride on various terrains. They are superb hardtail bikes with high race quality and dependable, long-lasting components that you can ride anyplace.


Because of its smooth ride and current design, this bike is thought to be one that will keep cycling aficionados interested for many years. In general, it is a flexible mountain bike that you may use for enjoyable weekend riding.


The Cascade is designed specifically for daily commuters. Anyone who enjoys taking leisure rides on the weekends should pick this bike since it provides uncomplicated and comfortable rides.


The Polygon Cleo model is generally designed for city streets and ladies. This model is not for you if you require a bike to ride in off-road terrain. Commuters, on the other hand, will love this alternative.

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The Cleo, with its aluminum frame and MTB-inspired shape, is durable and lightweight. 27.5-inch wheels provide reasonably rapid rolling and a more pleasant, smoother performance. Its construction is so strong that it may last for years of riding.


Some world-class riders have already tried the Polygon Tried model and rated it as one of the best dirt jumps available. The best thing about this bike is its sturdy build and outstanding performance.


This is an extraordinary BMX bicycle designed to accelerate as your speed drops. It is also designed for accurate bends and the potential to overtake doubles on the backside.

Most Popular Polygon Bikes

Most Popular Polygon Bikes

Polygon Bikes offers a wide selection of luxury bicycles outfitted with cutting-edge technology to take their riding to the next level. There are several possibilities in each bike category, making it difficult for you, as a beginner rider, to choose an acceptable one. So, why not look at the following list of the most popular Polygon bikes to help you decide?

  • Road Bikes: Polygon Strattos S8 Disc Brake
  • Mountain Bikes: Polygon Bromo N8
  • Urban Bikes: Polygon Blend R5
  • Junior Bikes: Polygon Relic 24

Polygon Strattos S8 Disc Brake Review

The Polygon Strattos S8 Disc Brake is a high-performance brake with all the capabilities you’ll need to tackle any terrain.

This brake has an adjustable reach-out front for simple installation and a reach-out rear for precise braking force. It also has a clever lever that prevents your fingertips from touching across hot cords.

The brakes are made of long-lasting aluminum that will not rust, making them much more adaptable than carbon steel. They are lightweight and will not considerably slow your bike’s speed while braking. This lightweight, however, comes at a cost since the brake is more costly than others on the market.

Polygon Bromo N8 Mountain Bike Review

The Polygon Bromo N8 Mountain Bike is an excellent alternative for riders looking for a sturdy mountain bike that can tackle difficult terrain. This model can do it all, whether you’re searching for an entry-level mountain bike or the finest budget mountain bike on the market.

Performance – The Polygon Bromo N8 Mountain Bike is built to tackle any terrain, with features such as disc brakes with tremendous stopping power and 27.5′′ wheels that allow you to climb mountainous roads and trails easily. It includes lightweight aluminum tubing, so it’s robust but not too heavy, making this model suitable for both novice and expert riders.

The Polygon Bromo N8 Mountain Bike has a fork with 14-inch wheels, so it’s light enough for pleasant mountain riding yet strong enough to climb steep slopes. You can choose between a 20-speed and a 24-speed cassette to help you conquer the neighborhood’s peaks.

This model includes all of the necessary bells and whistles you’d expect from a high-quality mountain bike, such as an alloy handlebar with wide flat grips, alloy rims with puncture protection, and matching fenders that keep water out of your storage space and causing damage.

The Polygon Bromo N8 Mountain Bike is a mid-range design with a lightweight aluminum frame and 27.5′′ wheels. The alloy crankset easily changes chain tension from high-performance shifting to heavy pedaling.

An alloy handlebar keeps you stable while riding, combined with broad flat grips that keep you comfortable for hours of mountain biking.

A Shimano 8-speed cassette gives a variety of gears suited for going over different terrains, and a Shimano MF5700 brake system delivers tremendous stopping power when you need it the most.

Gearing – Compact gearing lets you easily reach the top of hills, and this model has 20 gears with a Shimano 8-speed cassette that’s appropriate for typical terrains such as steep roads and trails. It also has an alloy handlebar to keep you comfortable when riding over hard terrain for extended periods and fenders to protect your bike from trash, rocks, dirt, water, water bottles, mud puddles…you name it!

Polygon Bend R5 Gravel Bike Review

Polygon Bend R5 Gravel Bike Review

This bike is both fitness and entertaining in nature. It may be ridden in the city, on the trails, or just for enjoyment. Whether you like long-distance riding or want to get in fitness with your bike, this dirt bike has all you need. Polygon Bend has outdone themselves with this one!

They’ve also managed to keep it inexpensive! If you’re new to bikes and want something durable yet adaptable, go no further than this brand-new model from Polygon Bend. Depending on the size, prices vary from $799 to $899. (one size fits most).

Spending a few hundred dollars on a bike that will fall apart in a few months is much worse. You can’t go wrong with the quality and features available at this low price. High-quality components, robust frames, high-tech shifters, quick-release wheels, and an integrated light system are included. What’s not to love about this?

As previously said, this is not your typical bike. With the Bend R5, Polygon Bend has excelled itself. Between the Shimano Hydraulic Disc Brakes and the SRAM GX 11 gear, you have a superb mix for a high-performance bike that stands out from the crowd.

Shimano hydraulic brakes and SRAM GX gear shifting provide plenty of versatility on the bike. On this bike, you can modify anything. This includes the number of gears, frame width, and even frame size.

And, although not ideal, it’s difficult to find such a wide range in such a tiny space (i.e., a bigger frame means more stability). The frame may be adjusted to accommodate almost everyone. If you don’t mind riding with a somewhat bigger frame than normal, that is.

The frame’s design is also rather appealing. The Polygon Bend R5 dirt bike review would be incomplete without us discussing the frame and how it works for this bike.

Polygon Bend spent its time developing this sleek and smooth-looking frame. It’s a great combination of black and gray hues with a traditional style that will go with whatever attire or accessories you want to put on your vehicle.

The frame is a touch larger than you may expect for a tiny frame, but it’s great to see that they included one.

What more could we possibly discuss? While it may seem that this bike was designed to wow us as customers, the fact is that it was designed for individuals who want a pit bike with adaptability and flair! It was built from the ground up to be able to make alterations without having to modify the frame itself.

The seat post and seat clamp comprise a composite material that allows you to easily modify them without fear of damaging the seat post or seat clamp. You may also take advantage of the quick-release Seatpost if you want to replace the seat quickly!

Polygon Relic 24 Review

Polygon Relic 24 Review

The Polygon Relic 24 is the ideal bike for children aged 3 to 5. It has gears, front suspension, and hand brakes to prepare the youngest riders to transition to a pedal-powered ride.

When evaluating this bike, we focused on three major areas: performance, features, and design. The following summarizes our results after five weeks of riding this bike across Melbourne’s well-equipped parks, trails, and suburbs.

The design is intended for children ages 3 to 5, although it will be too tiny for those older than 5. Most under-5 youngsters will be happy with a 24-inch frame. If you’re searching for a bike that can accommodate an older youngster, consider the Relic 44’s 26-inch frame size. It’s a little heavier, but it’s better suited to the larger riders who can fit on it.

The Bike: Performance

The first consideration is performance. We intended to assess the quality of Japan’s first domestic bicycle manufacturer’s initial e-bike product. The first impressions are positive: it’s well-made and robust, with no rattles or squeaks. Because it is assembled, you can simply transport it on the back wheel; it is light enough to move by yourself. This bike is suited for children aged 3 to 5.

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As a bike for youngsters aged 3-5, it accomplishes everything parents want: the gearing is higher than what this age group would ordinarily ride. We discovered that slowing down to take turns was not difficult, even while wearing good shoes. There are 24 gears, with one speed for each 13-inch wheelset – more geared than most tiny children ride these days.

The rubber cushioning on the pedals makes them simple to spin and grasp. The pedal straps include a big cushioned area on the rear to prevent young fingers from getting pinched.

The brakes are adequate, but more importantly, they function well. The hand brakes are simply actuated with a pull on the lever, and they work well for younger riders to slow or stop by placing all of their body weight onto them.

They are also effective on dry, hard surfaces. If you need an additional brake while riding downhill on a wet or muddy route, a coaster brake is a better alternative since it does not need to be pumped up. The coaster brake is an optional extra.

The Tektro suspension fork is used on the front fork. This fantastic feature distinguishes this bike from other bikes, such as older mountain bikes that employ less expensive Sachs forks.

The Polygon Relic 24 has a smooth feel, and while we did not test it on rainy or muddy terrain, it is also equipped with Shimano 105 front brakes. These are dependable, user-friendly brakes that are simple for older children to utilize.

Although the front suspension on this bike is not adjustable, it will give a smooth ride for young riders on rough terrain or when going downhill quickly. The maximum weight is 20 kg (44 pounds).

The Benefits: Safety

Everything on this bike is of the highest quality, yet it all boils down to what you want from your bicycle. The 24-speed gearing is perfect for youngsters under five, but it is a little too much for adult riders. The finest safety element, in our opinion, is the rear light mounted on the bike’s tail.

When active, it features a flashing mode and a continuous red light. The red light improves visibility in low-light situations, which is perfect if you have children who bike at night [to be used as a knowledge statement, not to be copied exactly. Here’s an illustration:

The Design: Accessible for kids and parents

The bike also comes with a kickstand to keep it upright when not in use. This is beneficial since it enables parents to ride the bike upright when not in a vehicle and will do so while in a car. It’s also simple to use and remove, so you won’t have to worry about it getting in the way when you’re ready to go again.

They have made various adjustments to this bike’s previous versions. The seat has been made larger and more comfortable, and the handlebars have been lowered. These modifications make it simpler for young riders to control this bike, reducing their chances of falling.

The wheels are also broader for greater balance. We discovered that even with little hands, you could readily reach gears – parents won’t have to worry about their children while teaching them how to operate gears in the future.

Polygon Bike Price Range

Polygon Bikes provides excellent bikes in a variety of pricing levels. As a result, any riders seeking a quality model that fits their budget may easily purchase it. Let’s have a look at the prices of several Polygon bikes:

  • $699 – $2,199 for road bikes
  • Mountain bikes range in price from $469 to $5,999.
  • $309 – $2,199 for urban bikes
  • $359 – $449 for junior bikes

Are Polygon Bikes Good?

Polygon bikes are made of fantastic frames with well-thought-out, innovative geometry. Consequently, cyclists are highly confident in their ability to manage any terrain.

Furthermore, its components are meticulously selected and high-quality to provide the finest riding experience. Polygon bikes are generally of high quality and excellent value for money.


How Reliable Are Polygon?

Polygon is known for producing high-quality, dependable bicycles. Although some Polygon owners claim that the company delivers glitzy top-end components like Fox suspension and Shimano drivetrain and may skimp on less noticeable areas such as wheels and seat posts, etc., the brand’s more recent cycles seem to have a better mix of all-around components.

How Expensive Are Polygon Bikes?

Polygon is at the lower end of the quality bike pricing spectrum compared to companies like Santa Cruz and Pivot. They sell a basic mountain bike hardtail for $499 (USD) and their top-of-the-line BROMO N8 bike for $6199.

How Durable Are Polygon Bikes?

Polygon frames are often sturdy and well-made, but like with any bike, it depends on how much you pay and if the bike is utilized for its intended purpose. Polygon, like any other bike brand, the higher the price, the better the components, which are much more likely to be sturdy and long-lasting.

Do They Still Make Parts For Older Models?

The Polygon website has a ‘Spare Parts’ area, but no results seem to be shown. If you want replacement Polygon bike parts for older motorcycles, you should contact their customer service; nevertheless, we have heard from many users who have had difficulty obtaining older components.

What Is the Warranty Like with Polygon Bikes?

The Polygon bike warranty only covers the frame and non-suspension forks. Additionally, all-electric components on E-bikes and any Polygon ‘ENTITY’ designated components.

What Are Typical Problems With Polygon Bikes?

After meeting with many Polygon bike owners, it seems that many individuals have had troubles with their Polygon bikes from the start, as well as concerns with Polygon’s customer service. It’s difficult to say if these were simply a few unfortunate clients among the many thousands of bikes sold or whether any faults might have been solved.

Most problems with new motorcycles may be avoided by getting a professional bike technician to repair your bike from scratch thoroughly. Ascertain that they are using a torque wrench and that all necessary components are adequately greased/lubricated.

It’s worth mentioning that most bike manufacturers have problems with their frames and components; after all, the more items you create, the more probable you’ll have some flaws. Some companies, however, have stronger processes and quality control to reduce the likelihood of faults.

How Long Does Polygon Last Compare To Similar Brands?

Polygon bikes are well-made and will likely survive as long as any other bike with a comparable amount of riding. As with any bike, they are keeping up with maintenance is critical if you want the bike to last.

Do Polygon Bikes Hold Their Value?

Polygon bikes retain their worth, although maybe not as well as larger, more expensive brands like Santa Cruz. It also depends on the bike; a higher-spec bike is more likely to retain its worth for longer.

Why Are Polygon Bikes so Cheap?

Polygon bikes are around 20% to 40% less expensive than equivalent bikes since they are sold directly to the customer. This means companies may pass on the savings to customers rather than distributors. This is in addition to the motorcycles built in Indonesia, where labor costs are cheaper.

Are Polygon Bikes Still Being Made?

Yes, Polygon bikes are still manufactured. However, they seem to have removed their DH bike from their lineup. Polygons manufacturing seems to be expanding, which is a good indication for the brand.

Do Polygon Bike Come Tubless?

Yes, only the mid-to-high-end Polygon bikes are tubeless. Many manufacturers do not provide a tubless option for entry-level bikes since it necessitates more costly rims and tires.

Is Polygon Ebikes Good?

Polygon manufactures both mountain bikes and city E-bikes. They are well-equipped for the price, but there is still potential for improvement.


Polygon bikes are a great investment for anyone looking for a high-quality, affordable bicycle. They offer various models to suit any rider’s needs, and their customer service is top-notch. Thanks for reading!

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