Mountain Bike Vs. BMX Bike: Which One Is Better For You 2023?

BMX Vs Mountain Bike: Which One Is Better For You 2023?

Mountain bikes and BMX bikes are both popular choices for cyclists, but there are some key differences between the two.

Mountain bikes are designed for off-road riding, with features like wide tires and suspension that help them handle rough terrain. BMX bikes, on the other hand, are smaller and lighter, with narrower tires and no suspension. This makes them better suited for tricks and racing on smooth surfaces.

So BMX vs Mountain bike, Which one should you choose?

Let’s be with BSXInsight to find the right answer.

BMX Bicycles

BMX Bicycles

BMX bikes are frequently regarded as the most durable bikes since many owners consider them to be practically indestructible. Kids can use them because of their small frames, but adults, especially taller ones, will spend more time standing up to ride in order to reach faster speeds.

1. Pros

  • BMX bikes are made for having fun and racing around.
  • They are portable and light in weight.
  • Inexpensive. Premium BMX bikes are priced roughly half as high as quality mountain bikes when they first hit the market.
  • Single-speed motorcycles without gears require less maintenance and repairs.
  • Suitable for doing tricks and maneuvers in skate parks and BMX tracks, among other urban environments.

2. Cons

  • Not suitable for riding a bike to work in Brisbane or for lengthy commutes.
  • They are not the most comfortable alternative because they were not made for “in the saddle” riding.
  • One speed makes riding up slopes challenging.
  • Lack of suspension causes the body to absorb more impact than mountain bikes do.

Mountain Bikes

Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes are the most adaptable type of riding because they often have 21–24 different speeds or gears, making them suited for various types of terrain. They are appropriate for riders of all heights because of their various tire sizes.

1. Pros

  • Gears facilitate riding or allow for varying grades.
  • Much more adaptable; can be used for commuting as well as other types of riding.
  • Comfortable riding is enhanced by suspension and good handling on various terrains.

2. Cons

  • More expensive to buy than BMX bikes.
  • Don’t always possess the coolness and “street cred” that kids would value.
  • Possibly more difficult to move without removing a wheel and heavier.
  • When it comes to gears, more upkeep and repairs are probably necessary.

BMX Bike Vs Mountain Bike

1. Frame

BMX versus mountain bike Frame

The design of each bicycle’s frame is influenced by the various uses for which it is intended.

A BMX experiences a lot of hits over the course of its existence.

For BMX riders, racing off-ramps and jumps is a way of life, and their bikes need to have a sturdy frame to withstand this rough handling. Since their purpose necessitates a small frame, most BMX bikes are of a similar size.

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Although mountain biking sounds rough, it is frequently less violent than racing or riding in the BMX manner. The MTB frame is typically designed for functionality and vibration absorption. A MTB’s frame is frequently more flexible and tailored to the rider’s size.

2. Wheels

mountain bikes vs BMX bikes Wheels

The wheels on a BMX are normally 20 or 24 inches. The tires are made to be able to handle the shock of leaps and tricks while still performing as intended on flat ground. When landing off big air, they are generally reinforced inside to prevent a premature rupture.

For an MTB to maneuver the rocky and uneven terrain of a normal path, larger wheels are necessary. MTB wheels typically range in size from 26 to 29 inches, depending on the rider’s size. The tires have broad, knobby grooves that are intended to offer a secure grip on a variety of surfaces.

3. Brakes

Difference between BMX and mountain bike Brakes

BMX bikes with brakes are frequently used for complex feats and acrobatics that call for the capacity to rotate the handlebars both clockwise and anticlockwise. High-end BMX bikes use a unique braking system that keeps the brake cord from getting caught up in the handlebars.

On a BMX bike, the back wheel is typically the only one with brakes. It frequently refers to a sort of braking mechanism known as a V-brake. To slow the bike down and stop it, the V-brake squeezes the tire.

An MTB’s brakes, on the other hand, are made to resist the high temperatures that result from braking downhill. This is essential for trail users who must climb steep hills. To provide more braking force and to withstand extreme weather conditions including dirt, wetness, and heat, disc brakes are frequently employed.

4. Rides

MTBs unquestionably provide a smoother ride than their BMX equivalents. The bike has suspension in the front and/or back. This enables the rider to maneuver across challenging terrain without overusing their legs, arms, or back.

The rider’s knees and arms serve as the only shock absorbers on a BMX bike. BMX riders need to be on the lookout for instances of tough riding and adjust their bodies appropriately.

5. Gears


As their name implies, mountain bikes are designed for riding up and down mountain slopes. They receive equipment for incline hikes. To handle steep inclines, they contain a center cog and a rear-wheel cog that transfer the chain to various levels. To navigate a variety of geography, they might have up to 24 gears.

By design, BMX bikes are designed for short sprints and jumping on flat terrain; they are not really intended for navigating difficult ascents. They receive a solitary gear system. The pedals are flat, large, and have a rough surface. Also offered are clip-on. MTB pedals feature a similar design and occasionally have an additional strap for the shoe.

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6. Suspension

mtb vs bmx

The framework used to support the rider and the bicycle as a way of protection against uneven surfaces or terrain is known as the suspension of a bicycle. Although it is mostly seen on mountain bikes, bicycle suspension is also rather prevalent on hybrid bicycles.

Suspension is not included with BMX bikes. Obstacles are overpowered during the sprint with strength and maximum thrust. Their bodies and legs take the brunt of any impacts.

On the other hand, an MTB either features front-only suspension, like a hardtail, or full suspension. As a result, the rider will experience more cushioning as the tires follow uneven and irregular surfaces.

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Which One Should You Choose?

At the end of the day, different types of bikes are made to do different things.

The BMX is made to change speed quickly, be very mobile, and be strong, while the Mountain Bike is made to absorb shock, climb, and be able to ride on a wide range of terrains.

Mountain bikes are the best choice if you want a bike that will give you a harder workout.

Because of how they are made, they can easily ride on rough surfaces, which works all of your muscles.

BMX bikes are made for people who like to spin and do tricks on their bikes.

BMX bikes are not only fun to ride, but they may also boost your self-esteem as you learn new tricks and tricks.

Is a BMX faster than a mountain bike?

There is no clear answer to this question as it depends on a number of factors. Generally speaking, a BMX bike is going to be lighter and more agile than a mountain bike, which could make it faster in some situations. However, a mountain bike is designed for stability and durability, which could give it an advantage in other situations. Ultimately, it depends on the terrain and the rider’s preferences.



What Is A Good BMX Bike For Kids?

For kids, a sturdy 20-inch BMX bike is a great option. Be sure to choose quality brands like Dynacraft, Huffy, and Mongoose.

Why Are BMX Bikes So Small?

Smaller, lighter BMX bikes allow for faster riding and higher jumps.

How Do The Gears Work On A Mountain Bike?

A mountain bike’s gears are made to make pedaling simpler in particular circumstances. For easier uphill pedaling, for instance, you might change to a smaller gear. Your bike may or may not be a fast bike depending on how many speeds it has.

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It’s all about pedaling efficiency while choosing gears and speeds. Your bike has more speeds the more rear-wheel gears, cogs, and pedal arm cogs it has.

Can You Use A Mountain Bike As A BMX?

Mountain bikes should not be utilized on a BMX track for jumps, tricks, or stunts because they are a poor substitute for BMX bikes.

Can You Use A BMX As A Mountain Bike?

Although it is feasible to use a BMX bike as a mountain bike, given that they only have one gear, they won’t perform as well as a mountain bike on uneven terrain and when climbing hills.

What’s The Difference In The Bike’s Wheel Size?

Mountain bike wheel sizes are substantially larger than those of BMX bikes. The most common BMX wheel size ranges from 12′ to 24′. Although 26′′ wheels are still available on some mountain bike models and brands, 27.7′′ and 29′′ wheels are the most popular wheel sizes for mountain bikes.

What’s The Difference In The Bike’s Steering Wheel?

The front wheels and handlebars of a BMX bike may turn 360 degrees. You gain far greater agility than a mountain bike for rapid laps around the track and doing tricks because there are no hand brakes or gear shifts on the handlebars.

Mountain bikes’ handlebars and steering are made to withstand heavy knocks and bumps while keeping the rider in control and on their feet when negotiating challenging terrain.

BMX or mountain bike for 7 year old – 10 year old?

Kids and adults of any size can ride a 20-inch-wheeled BMX bike, but for safety reasons, this type of bike should not be used until the rider is at least 7 years old.

Are BMX bikes good for just riding?

Even though BMX bikes are great for racing, tricks, and stunts, kids can still ride them to school and around the neighborhood. Kids can enjoy riding on different types of terrain because BMX bikes work well on dirt roads.


You now understand the key differences between BMX and MTB, and You can see that these obvious disparities are due to the different uses that each was intended for and put to.

Through this article, we hope we were clear enough to describe the two types as fairly distinct if you are still unsure about which bike to buy.

You must carefully choose. Don’t forget to put on the appropriate safety gear, including a helmet, knee and shin pads, and gloves. BMX bicycling offers lots of potential for physical damage. Whatever you ultimately decide, both have obstacles, and an amazing sport is waiting. So go ahead and do it.

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