Can You Ride A Bike While Pregnant? All You Need To Know

Can You Ride A Bike While Pregnant Here's What You Need to Know

If you are wondering that can you ride a bike while pregnant, the good news is that you can! Bicycling is a great low-impact activity that can help you stay in shape during pregnancy. However, there are a few things to keep in mind before hopping on a bike. In this article, BSXInsight will discuss the safety aspects of cycling when you are pregnant and how you can prepare your body for this.

Biking While Pregnant

She was peddling a bicycle while pregnant is a safe and low-impact aerobic activity. Keller states that there are very few biomechanical risks to bike riding.

Falling is the most significant risk when you cycle while pregnant.

Your experience level and the terrain you’re riding on will determine how likely you will fall. It is best not to start biking if you have never done it before becoming pregnant. Keep your baby safe by sticking to aerobic exercises that you’re already familiar with.

Biking While Pregnant

A helmet is essential for anyone who rides a bicycle, whether they are pregnant. Bicycle riding can cause serious injuries, including head and neck injuries.

Falls can also cause injury to your baby or miscarriage.1 It is worth considering whether this type of exercise is something you are comfortable with. Stationary cycling can provide the same benefits as a treadmill, but you will lower the chance of falling.

If you decide to ride a bicycle when having a baby, and your doctor allows it, you will need to take precautions to prevent your child from falling. You can reduce your chance of losing by choosing flat terrain, fitting your bike correctly, and stopping when you feel unbalanced later in your pregnancy.

Stationary Bikes

Keller states that stationary biking is an acceptable alternative for many women. It’s also safer than cycling and offers the same benefits, such as cardiovascular and low-impact, with virtually no chance of falling.

Your environment and body changes can increase your chance of falling on a mountain or road bike. But, with stationary indoor cycling, these factors are virtually eliminated. Stationary bike riding can be just like outdoor biking. It can stabilize blood sugar, increase circulation, boost energy and give you the stamina and strength to work.

Safety Precautions

Keller advises against cycling outdoors during pregnancy because of the possibility of abdominal trauma.

Even experienced cyclists face new stability and balance challenges during pregnancy because of a rapidly changing center of gravity and ligament laxity. She says that outdoor cycling poses many risks beyond our control, such as traffic and weather changes that make familiar terrain treacherous and unpredictable for pedestrians.

You can choose to ride a stationary or road bike. However, it would help if you remembered to listen to your body and read its cues. Stop or slow down if you feel uncomfortable.

Keller explains that cycling can sometimes become uncomfortable if your baby is carrying low or has fallen lower in the pelvis. She suggests that you might be more comfortable walking or swimming instead as safe and low-impact aerobic activities if this is the case.

Safety Precautions

Pregnancy can also make it challenging to stay hydrated. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids. Keller recommends that stationary biking be done in an area with good ventilation.

Pregnancy is not the right time to go fast or furious.

Keller recommends that you do not maximize your efforts. She suggests keeping your exertion intensity low. Keller says the “talk test” is an excellent way to check your intensity. It is a sign that you are not cycling too hard if you can have a conversation while riding.

You don’t have to work out when pregnant. You can benefit from getting your heart rate up regularly during pregnancy. Aerobic exercise can be beneficial for your health and is an excellent exercise to do when you’re pregnant.

Keller said, “If you could sing an operetta while riding [a stationary bicycle], you could pedal harder.” You probably won’t want to push your limits on a regular bicycle because of the possibility of falling.

Increasing your resistance or speed if you don’t feel like you’re getting enough cardiovascular exercise. Keller says it is essential to find the sweet spot where you feel slightly tired but still energized.

9 Things You Must Know

Assess Your Ability Level

A lot of your ability to do things during pregnancy depends on how you did it before getting pregnant. Mountain biking may be possible for women who are avid outdoor cyclists who have mastered mountain biking and certified personal trainers, but beginners should stick to paved roads.

Women who rode 50 miles on Saturdays might still do 20-mile rides, but new riders might find riding challenging.

Scale It Back

This is not the right time to “train” to improve your speed or increase your endurance. My midwife recommended that I keep my heart rate at 150 beats per hour during pregnancy.

Further research revealed that most doctors no longer recommend heart rate monitoring. This is because the appropriate heart rate depends on how to fit the pregnant woman is before becoming pregnant.

can you ride a stationary bike while pregnant

The intensity of your breathing is a better indicator. You should ride at a moderate pace and be able to talk throughout the ride.

You can call it quits when you feel tired. You are doing extra work to have a baby, so it is okay to cut your ride short.

Keep Your Balance

You will begin to lose balance after the first trimester. Some recommend that you stay off your bike because of the risk of falling.

Because I felt so at ease on a bicycle, I continue riding make through pregnancy. I have never had to fall at risk. If you think the risk is too significant, consider moving your bike to a trainer.

Get Geared Up

You can switch to maternity-specific clothing when your regular bike clothes become too tight. The Terry Maternity Short was a favorite of mine when I was pregnant. They still fit me on days I have had too much food. They no longer make them, but you will find other options in my Guide to Maternity Cycling Clothing.

You can make a few changes to your bike to increase your safety and comfort. Consider switching to a commuter or mountain bike with a step-thru bike if your stomach has grown too large.

You could also consider shorter stems or swept-back handlebars to allow for a more upright posture. A wider saddle may support your sit bones better as your hips widen during pregnancy.

You might consider switching from clipless pedals to flat pedals if you feel more secure. My personal experience was that I rode my road bike with clipless pedals until the end. However, my stomach never got any bigger.

Safety Assessment

Unfortunately, riding around cars is the most dangerous part of riding a bicycle. This is a risk that I am willing to take, but I was more careful when I was pregnant about staying out of high-traffic areas. Avoid high-traffic roads and bike paths with protected bike lanes.

It would help if you also considered the weather and road conditions. It may be good to avoid riding if the roads are slippery due to snow, ice, or wet leaves.

Remember to follow traffic laws and ride with lights.

Ride With A Partner

As an extra precaution, I made sure that I rode with a partner towards the end of my pregnancy. It is safer but can also help you get up the hills.

If you decide to take a trip out on your own, bring a phone and an ID.

can you ride a spin bike while pregnant

Get Plenty Of Water

Although it can be challenging to keep your baby hydrated throughout pregnancy, it is vital for your health and your safety. It would help if you always had plenty of water and a plan to replenish it along the journey. Pregnancy requires more water than usual, so make sure to bring an extra bottle.

Keep Cool

My pregnancy was during the middle of the Phoenix summer. Although most pregnant women don’t exercise in extreme heat, being pregnant can make your body feel warmer than usual.

A wet handkerchief or an ice pack can keep you cool. A frozen water bottle can help on hot days.

It is essential to avoid overheating during the third trimester.

Additional Considerations

Although biking is an aerobic activity that requires little effort, it can be dangerous if you’re expecting it. Keller advises that you keep your baby safe by riding safely and not pedaling too fast.

Keller says that ensuring your bike is fitted correctly and maintained can prevent injuries from falls. Safe bike riding involves warming up and cooling off, and pacing throughout the ride. These factors are critical during pregnancy.

Keller suggests a gentle ride should warm up stationary bikes to start. Then, challenge yourself to do hard work in short bursts and have physical activity to recover between them. You can cool off with a gentle stretch afterward, allowing your heart rate and blood pressure to decrease slowly.

What If Bike Riding Doesn’t Work?

You may need to give up if you feel uncomfortable while riding or if you don’t like the feeling of biking. If you’re not pregnant, you can always ride again.

What If your bike Doesn't Work

You can still get the benefits of riding a bicycle, but you can also do low-impact aerobic exercise throughout your pregnancy. You can get the same benefits from swimming, walking, and yoga from biking.

How Long Can You Ride a Bike While Pregnant?

When it comes to exercising during pregnancy, the general advice is to keep doing what you were doing before you got pregnant. If you were an Ironman-level triathlete before you got pregnant, you should be able to continue doing a two-hour bike ride. If you were just starting out before you got pregnant, you should be able to continue doing a 30-minute ride.


As it turns out, we will not get any common conclusions from this study about this topic. The researchers determined that engaging in cycling in pregnant time provides substantial health benefits to the mother and her growing baby. Nevertheless, we think this is exciting research, and cycling as a form of exercise should not be underestimated.

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