Electric Bikes vs. Electric Scooter: Which One Is Right For You 2023?

E Scooter Vs E Bike: Which One Is Right For You 2023?

E Scooter Vs E Bike: Which is better? There are many electric scooter and bike options on the market, so how do you know which one is right for you? Consider your needs and budget when making your decision.

Electric scooters are typically more affordable and easier to operate than electric bikes, making them a good choice for beginners or those who want a budget-friendly option.

Electric bikes offer more power and range than electric scooters, making them a better choice for those who need a longer range or more power for climbing hills.

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What Are Electric Scooters?

What Are Electric Scooters

The first electric scooter was created in 1915, but it wasn’t until the middle of the 1990s that they became widely used. Every young person in the country wanted an electric scooter when these were first created as a fun toy.

However, electric scooters are no longer exclusively for youngsters. An electric scooter can now be a useful electric vehicle for adults. You may also hear these referred to as motorized scooters or e-scooters. They have two wheels or three wheels, the latter of which offers greater mobility and stability.

You use a throttle control on one of the grips while standing on the platform to drive these. On the opposite handle, there is generally a break. Even if rental services offered by firms like Bird and Lime have made these popular in big cities, having your own electric scooter comes with a host of advantages.

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What Are Electric Bikes?

What Are Electric Bikes

What precisely are electric bikes now that you understand what electric scooters are?

Undoubtedly, you are familiar with conventional bikes. The only difference between these is that they use an electric motor for propulsion. Some electric bicycles still include pedals and are referred to as “hybrid bikes” since they can be propelled either by the engine or the pedals.

For people with a long commute who don’t want to peddle a standard bike to work and end up hot and sweaty, electric bikes are fantastic. Do electric bikes, however, outperform electric scooters? What distinguishes these personal electric vehicles from one another? Without further ado, let’s evaluate the differences between the two to help you decide which is best for you.

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Electric Bicycle Vs Electric Scooter

Electric Bicycle Vs Electric Scooter

The choice between an e-bike and an e-scooter will depend on a combination of your own preferences and demands. Even while electric scooters are undoubtedly more entertaining and useful than electric bikes, there are still other things to take into account, such as battery life, comfort, and price.

Don’t worry; we’ll look at the most crucial factors you need to take into account when shopping. Let’s start by discussing everyone’s favorite aspects of electric scooters and bikes: acceleration and speed.


These personal electric vehicles are fairly rapid these days, even though they can’t reach top speeds of over 100 mph like your car can. Actually, both e-bikes and e-scooters have top speeds of up to 30 MPH! Of course, your battery level and the particular manufacturer and model you choose will determine this. The important question is, though, which is quicker?

Electric bikes typically have a higher max speed. They occasionally even go faster than 30MPH. However, the top speed of the majority of electric scooters is less than 25MPH. Having said that, some electric scooters have a top speed of 27 MPH. Therefore, this is a negligible difference. However, every little bit counts if your commute is over 10 miles long. Read more about how fast do electric bikes go?

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But we want to caution you against purchasing purely for expediency. If you’re traveling through city streets and regularly have to weave around other bikes, cars, pedestrians, and stop lights/stop signs, the top speed is far less important.

Consider how much lighter and more maneuverable the typical electric scooter is. When riding an e-bike, you are compelled to slow down and maybe stop as you wait for other traffic to get out of the way. You can easily move around on an e-scooter.

Having said that, riders in rural locations with little city traffic will benefit from the e-increased bike’s rate of speed. When deciding whether you need speed, take into account how you plan to utilize the scooter.


Depending on its size, battery, electric motor, and other features, the weight of a typical foldable electric scooter can range from 23.9 lb (10 kg) to 33 lb (15 kg). About 27 lb. (12.2 kg) is the typical electric scooter’s weight.

While an Electric Bike

Pedelecs are roughly six to ten pounds heavier than conventional bicycles of the same size and design without electric propulsion.

There is some variation in weight due to differences in manufacturing, model, and frame material. Electric racing bikes with carbon frames can be as light as 10 kilos.

These e-bikes can weigh up to 88 pounds, so they need to be built to last. Weights for eMTBs range from 33 to 61 pounds, with commuter-friendly folding bikes hovering around 44 pounds.

The typical weight of a motorized and battery-powered eBike is between 44 and 55 pounds.

Battery Life/Range

Electric Scooter or Electric Bike Battery Life

Speed may not even be the most crucial feature if you intend to use your electric scooter or electric bike as your everyday commute to and from work; rather, battery range is. If your commute is 8 miles, you must use personal electric transportation that has a range rating of at least 16 miles in order to be safe.

But the better, the bigger the battery. You won’t need to plug your e-bike or e-scooter in every time you go home at night if the battery life is longer.

Additionally, compared to electric scooters, electric bikes often have longer battery lives. Some electric scooters have powerful batteries that can provide a range of up to 40 kilometers. On the other hand, some e-bikes have batteries that have a range of more than 70 miles.

You must, however, consider why e-bikes are so much more effective in terms of battery capacity. The hybrid-style e-bikes that we previously described are the ones that typically have ridiculous ranges like these.

Despite being electric, you will need to help with the pedaling. You might not mind using a pedal assist because, after all, a little bit of exercise never hurt. But let’s face it, nobody likes to arrive at work smelling bad and sporting pit or back sweat stains.

Comfortable Ride

electric scooter vs bike Comfortable Ride

You should also think about whether standing or sitting is more comfortable for you. Although a seat can be added to many electric scooters, it is not the norm. Most electric scooters need riders to stand up. On the other hand, e-bikes are furnished with a seat.

From our perspective, a major advantage of e-scooters is the ability to stand while traveling to and from work. You most likely spend the entire day at a desk if you work in the city.

Your hips, knees, and back may suffer greatly as a result of all this sitting. Your strain from sitting at work will be relieved by standing for 30 to 60 minutes each day. The electric scooter, therefore, has comfort and ergonomic advantage.

However, you should also take into account stopping your personal electric vehicle. Since they are essentially street bikes, the typical electric bike lacks suspension. Over time, road bumps and potholes will cause damage.

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On the other hand, many electric scooters feature robust suspension. While riding your electric scooter through the streets, you’ll experience the sensation of floating on air.

Taking everything into account, we choose the comfortable ride an e-scooter delivers over the stiffer, sitting riding an e-bike provides.


Electric bike vs scooter Comfort & Portability

E-bikes just cannot compete with the ease and portability offered by e-scooters. Since an electric bike is much bigger and bulkier, it will require more room in your garage. Additionally, if you are not on the ground floor of your building, you must park it outside.

On the other hand, e-scooters are quite portable. They can be folded and disassembled. This makes it simple to transport the e-scooter upstairs or into your car trunk if you’re going on a trip.

An electric bike can weigh up to 100 pounds, although the average electric scooter only weighs around 30 pounds. Good luck moving that object around your housing complex or workplace.

It’s also important to keep in mind that there may be times when you need to utilize your electric scooter or electric bike as a temporary mode of transportation to go to the train station.

Again, an e-portability scooter will be quite helpful in this situation. If it appears that you neglected to charge your e-scooter, you can even call a taxi and put it in the trunk. You will have to pedal manually for the remaining distance if you have an e-bike.

Safety Features & Concerns

Electric scooter vs electric bike Safety Features & Concerns

Safety is a topic that is frequently disregarded in the argument between electric scooters and electric bikes. Both of these are completely safe modes of transportation when used cautiously. But which one is actually safer?

The common consensus is that e-scooters are slightly less safe than e-bikes. How come? There are really only two causes.

First of all, some riders of e-scooters are a little more aggressive than those on e-bikes. That’s because e-scooters are made to allow you to enjoy yourself while getting from point A to point B. As a result, using an e-scooter may cause you to lose control. Electric bicycle users are often more cautious and only use them to go to and from their destinations.

But it’s also evident in the layout. Since e-scooters are closer to the ground, inexperienced riders may find it easier to lose control or balance. When you choose three-wheeled electric scooters, this problem is less of a concern.

Although they are less widespread than their two-wheeled cousins, these are increasingly seen as the riders’ first choice. They keep you safer since they provide significantly more stability and control. The wheels on your electric scooter or bike should also be taken into account.

Because the tires on an e-bike are substantially bigger, they are occasionally thought to be safer. However, it’s also simple to locate an electric scooter with sizable pneumatic tires.

The brakes on your smartphone are a further consideration. For instance, modern e-scooters have electrical braking that allows you to stop quickly. After all of this, the safety argument between e-scooters and e-bikes is somewhat moot.


Bike vs scooter cost

Before making a choice, you’ll likely give the price difference between an electric scooter and an electric bike a lot of thought. Remember that choosing items only primarily on price is not the ideal strategy because, in general, you get what you pay for.

In the long run, buying a less expensive electric car won’t help you save money because you’ll have to pay for maintenance or a replacement car.

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Therefore, a high-quality e-scooter is significantly less expensive than a high-quality e-bike. You’ll save significantly more money by choosing the electric scooter when comparing the top models in each category. For less than $3k, you may purchase the best of the best.

On the other hand, a premium e-bike can set you back more than $5,000! E-scooters are frequently the best option if you want to make the most of your money. The greatest electric scooter is required if you want to maximize your return on investment. Thankfully, we created a guide to assist you in making your decision.

Versatility & Fun

Versatility & Fun

Yes, you want your electric scooter or electric bicycle to take you from point A to point B. But why not enjoy yourself while doing it? In actuality, an electric scooter is inherently more entertaining than an electric bike. You’d have to feel the pure rush of riding your electric scooter along a road to appreciate why fully. It goes beyond what an e-bike can offer.

Off-road e-scooters also let you travel on any surface. Electric scooters can be used on any surface, including grass, gravel roads, and even the beach. An electric scooter is far more adaptable than an electric bike that is locked to the road.

You won’t have any trouble taking an off-the-beaten-path shortcut if you find one on your route to work. However, the majority of e-bikes are designed only for use on the streets.

Making the Best Decision

What to choose a scooter or a bicycle

We can now sum up some of the last elements to help you make the best decision after outlining some of the combined advantages and distinctions between electric bikes and e-scooters. Electric bikes are a better option for you if you are recovering from knee replacement surgery or have knee pain.

Everyone will have a different reason for riding their bikes or scooters. From biking around town to running errands to everyday commutes to work. Whatever you decide to do with your PEV, there is a solution for you.

A Case for Electric Bikes

Our study team discovered that PEV owners primarily consider the riding style when making judgments and base those decisions on their use cases. E-bikes are widely regarded as a practical mode of transportation that offers extra advantages due to the electrical components.

Because the motor power can be used only when necessary or not at all, e-bikes can be used in a wider range of situations. The engine and batteries on an electric scooter are what propel you forward.

The way you ride—sitting or standing—can significantly differ. An electric bike’s seat is cozy and may be used for longer distances. After longer excursions, standing on an electric scooter needs more dexterity and can be exhausting for everyone.

An e-bike will be able to help you overcome hurdles like big hills if you’re looking for motorized riding to support you in those scenarios. An e-bike does not restrict the use of physical strength for operation, so you can still move your body and receive some exercise.


That pretty much concludes our discussion on electric scooters vs. electric bikes. Weighing the advantages and disadvantages of each mode of transportation is all that remains to be done at this point. A typical electric bike will safely transport you to and from work, and an electric scooter may accomplish the same thing while also providing additional enjoyment.

As a result, the electric scooter is more popular. Which is best for you, though, is a choice only you can make. Visit the BSXInsight website to find out more about electric three-wheel scooters and why choosing us will meet all of your transportation needs.

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