What Are Dirt Bikes? And How Fast Do Dirt Bikes Go? Dirt Bike Average And Maximum Speed

What Are Dirt Bikes And How Fast Do Dirt Bikes Go Dirt Bike Average And Maximum Speed

Dirt bikes are designed for use primarily on rough terrains such as dirt tracks and other unpaved areas. Your expectations for their speed off-road may be high, but how fast do dirt bikes typically travel?

Bsxinsight will look into how fast do dirt bikes go and how different cc bikes compare in this article.

What’s A Dirt Bike?

What's A Dirt Bike

Off-road vehicles, such as dirt bikes and off-road motorcycles, are intended for usage on terrain that is not paved, including snow, dirt, gravel, and sand.

Their tires are tough and knobby so they can maintain a good traction on surfaces like that. The motorcycles are lighter and more flexible than standard bikes because they have longer suspensions and higher ground clearances.

In addition, the gearing of dirt bikes is higher so that the bikes can produce more torque.

How Fast Do Dirt Bikes Go?

50cc Dirt Bike

The typical top speed for a dirt bike powered by a 50cc engine is between 25 and 40 miles per hour. At this speed, you are not in danger of being hit by a car or truck that is racing down the road.

Kids in the first half of middle school would do well on a dirt bike powered by a 50cc engine because of how easy it is to ride and control.

65cc Dirt Bike

The 65cc class of dirt bikes is the beginner class, with models suitable for riders under the age of 12 who have some experience with dirt bikes and know the basics of what they’re doing.

At its top speed of 62 miles per hour, it is only suitable for riders with some experience.

80cc Dirt Bike

80cc Dirt Bike

A typical 80cc dirt bike can reach speeds of 45–55 mph.

However, there is a great deal of variety in the engine configurations produced by the dirt bike industry. This means that there are two- and four-stroke 80cc dirt bikes that can travel at speeds of more than 50 mph and even up to 70 mph.

100cc Dirt Bike

The top speed of a dirt bike with a 100cc engine is around 60 miles per hour. However, depending on how the engine is adjusted and whether or not there is a secondary carburetor, the top speed can range from 60 to 80 miles per hour.

At this rate, you’ll be going a lot faster than most cars do on city streets.

110cc Dirt Bike

It’s not uncommon for dirt bikes with a 110cc engine to reach speeds of up to 50 mph, though some of the newest and more expensive models boast speeds of up to 55 mph.

However, in order to achieve top speed, you’ll need tires built for the surface you’ll be driving on, a properly functioning radiator and air filter, and a track in pristine condition.

125cc dirt bike

Compared to the top speed of a dirt bike with a 55cc engine, which is around 55 miles per hour, the top speed of a 125cc dirt bike is closer to 60 miles per hour. A heavy rider can exceed these speeds on downhill roads.

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Though, proceed with caution. Manufacturers of dirt bikes strongly advise against stunt riding due to the inherent risks.

125cc 4-stroke Dirt Bike

In spite of their similar engine sizes, not all 125cc 4-stroke dirt bikes are created equal.

The maximum speed of the 125cc 4-stroke motorcycles varies from 35 to 55 miles per hour. Maximum speeds of 12cc 4-stroke dirt bikes vary widely.

150cc Dirt Bike

150cc Dirt Bike

A dirt bike powered by a 150cc engine can typically reach speeds of around 60 miles per hour.

There are, however, a variety of ways to increase the top speed of a dirt bike powered by a 150cc engine. It will take some practice before you can reach the bike’s top speed when riding a 150cc dirt bike.

200cc Dirt Bike

One can travel up to 60 miles per hour on a dirt bike with a 200cc engine. An enormous improvement over the 50cc dirt bike.

Bikes with a displacement of 200 cc or more often feature four-stroke engines with a high horsepower output, making them more difficult to steer. A 200 cc engine is adequate for racing because of its efficiency and power.

250cc Dirt Bike

The top speed of a motorcycle with a 250cc engine will range from about 70 to 80 miles per hour, depending on the specific model.

A 2- or 4-stroke motorcycle will have a slightly higher top speed, but only by 5 or 10 mph. The top speed of a dirt bike powered by a 250cc engine is highly variable and dependent on a number of factors.

400cc Dirt Bike

The top speed of dirt bikes with a 400cc engine varies widely between different models, but on average, these bikes can reach 87 miles per hour.

When comparing top speeds, the Suzuki DR-Z and Honda CRF have the largest gap, with 17 mph. Increasing the engine size to 400cc makes a noticeable difference in velocity.

450cc Dirt Bike

450cc Dirt Bike

450cc dirt bikes can havethe speed up to 90 mph and occasionally higher before they reach their limit. Dirt bikes of this type are the most popular choice for riders who weigh approximately more than 160 pounds.

The top speed will change based on the bike’s modifications, the rider’s weight, the engine’s stroke, and other factors like wind resistance, gear ratios, and the surface area covered by the bike.

Electric Dirt Bike

An electric dirt bike’s top speed typically falls between 12 and 22 miles per hour. Smaller electric dirt bikes are great for kids, while larger ones are better suited for grownups. However, there are limits to how fast an electric dirt bike can travel in public places according to the law.

Factors Affecting Dirt Bike Speed

Variety Of Engine

Both 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines can be found in dirt bikes. If you ever see a 2-stroke dirt bike, you’ll probably see a lot of white smoke and a dirt bike moving away from you.

In the modern world, manufacturers can only make 4-stroke engines because of strict emission standards. This means that the 2-stroke engine will soon be a thing of the past.

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If you have an older 2-stroke engine, you have more power than if you have a 4-stroke engine, because the combustion process only takes place in two steps instead of four.

They also have more torque at higher RPMs, which is an advantage for the rider. People in the bike world talk a lot about the improved engine platform, but it all comes down to what a rider wants.

Some people like the quick power boost of a 2-stroke engine, while others like the reliability of a 4-stroke engine when putting the power down. In the end, it comes down to what the rider wants and what they want the bike to do.

Most motorcycles are cooled by air, but dirt bikes can also be cooled by water. Your bike’s top speed is directly affected by how well it cools.

Vehicle Brand

Vehicle Brand

Dirt bike manufacturers are an important element of the market. There’s a chance Honda could be recognized as the firm that popularized off-road motorcycles.

However, many motocross racers swear by Yamaha dirt bikes since they are among the best available. The top speed of a 150cc dirt bike is determined by a variety of factors, including the type of bike and its design.

  • Dirt bike construction necessitates a great degree of know-how and skill.
  • Funding for scientific research and development
  • Functionality-enhancing supplies

All of the aforementioned criteria have an impact on the performance of a bicycle. In the case of motorcycles, for example, peak speed would suffer if the manufacturer did not have the means to invest in R&D to make the bikes lighter and faster.

Furthermore, if the manufacturer chooses to save money by employing heavier or less expensive materials, the bike’s performance may suffer.

Personal Demographics

Many human factors can influence the peak speed of your dirt bike. Many people share your enthusiasm for riding your dirt bike off-road. However, we are not all constructed the same way as individuals.

The following factors may have an impact on the peak speed of your dirt bike:

  • The rider’s height and physique
  • Bicycle utilization
  • Budget for buying the bike

How fast a bike can go depends heavily on the rider’s size and weight. Simply simple, heavier weight equals slower speed. As a result, your physique, as well as your seating position, will have a considerable impact on your speed.

Top Fastest Dirt Bike In The World

1. KTM 450 SX-F

KTM has always produced motorcycles capable of contending with the world’s fastest two-wheeler. The 450 SX-F dirt bike has a 449cc engine and weighs only 237 pounds.

KTM 450 motorcycles will win sprinting dirt bike races with the right rider. Nothing less than 450 pounds can compete with a top speed of 123 mph, so “drop the hammer.”

2. Aprilia RXV 5.5

The Aprilia RXV 5.5 is a strong motorcycle that weighs only 303 pounds. The 549cc engine, which produces 55 horsepower, accounts for the majority of its weight.

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This bike outperformed 100 mph on multiple occasions, reaching 113 mph. Its weight had no effect on the bike’s acceleration, as it could accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 4.16 seconds. While this bike is available in heavier versions with more power, the RXV 5.5 is the most cost-effective option.

3. Beta 450RS

Beta 450RS

Surprisingly, this smooth dirt bike is street legal throughout the United States. Although many individuals in the United States are unaware with Beta, it has earned a reputation.

With a top speed of over 111 mph, it offers more speed than you could ever want. If you want a fast bike that can tear up trails while still cruising down the road, the Beta 450RS is a no-brainer.

4. ATK Intimidator

The limited edition ATK Intimidator has long been regarded as the world’s fastest dirt bike. The 700 boasts a 685cc two-stroke engine producing of 78 horsepower yet weighing only 238 pounds.

With the right modifications, an ATK Intimidator would have a clear advantage over the fastest dirt bikes tested. The 700 Intimidator has been clocked at speeds in excess of 110 mph by racers.

5. BMW G650 XChallenge

You definitely don’t image yourself blasting down trails on a dirt bike when you think of BMW. In contrast, the BMW G650 XChallenge dirt bike can easily compete with other classic bikes.

This bike has all the power you’d expect from BMW, with a top speed of 104 mph. This bike is perfect for keeping things simple in the trials.



Does the speed of a dirt bike matter?

When looking for a quick dirt bike, consider the power of the dirt bike. In general, speed is not the most crucial thing to consider when off-roading.

Other factors to consider are powerful gears, smooth and quick handling, lightweight, and a powerful engine that plays a significant role.

How can you get the most speed out of your dirt bike?

Giving extra gas will not allow you to ride a dirt bike quicker than ever before. You must understand how your body position influences the input of a dirt bike.

You must know the technique, be familiar with the terrain, and avoid riding in first gear. These three factors will accelerate you regardless of the type of dirt bike you ride.


While there are many different types of dirt bikes, the cc usually defines how fast they can go. Although dirt bikes are not designed to be fast, some of them can achieve speeds of 90-100 miles per hour.

The greatest speed you can achieve on a dirt bike is controlled by several factors, including the surface you’re riding on, the engine, the amount of horsepower it provides, and the suspension.

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