How To Attach Bike Trailer Without Coupler? Complete Guide

How To Attach Bike Trailer Without Coupler Complete Guide

If you want to take your bike riding to the next level, attaching a bike trailer is a great way to do it. But if you don’t have a couple, don’t worry – there are still ways to attach a bike trailer without one. Here are some tips on how to attach bike trailer without coupler.

What’s The Purpose Of Searching For A Coupler Replacement?

Couplers are excellent for safely securing bike trailers to one another. However, two parts are sandwiched between the nut and the axle frame. To properly tighten a coupler on some bikes, there isn’t enough room for the coupler itself.

The answer is to look for alternatives that don’t take up a lot of space or have to be attached to other bike parts. You may think that I’ve installed the accessory on the wrong side of the bike, but that’s not the case.

Please know that this is not the situation. Kickstands can’t even be installed on some bike models because there isn’t enough room. The following alternatives to the traditional bike trailer coupler will come in handy if you’re having the same issue or don’t like the look of it.

How To Attach Bike Trailer Without Coupler?

The most common method of attaching a bike trailer is to use a coupler. However, there are a few other options. I’ve listed three products and the installation instructions below because making a custom mount at home isn’t practical for everyone.

1. Using A Bolt-on Hub

Instead of traditional bike trailer couplers, you can use the ODIER 12.2MM Steel Hitch on burly trailers. In terms of size and installation, it’s comparable to a bike trailer coupler.

Remove the rear wheel’s axle nut and washer first. Do the same thing on the other side.

Replace the washer with the hitch coupler because it has enough traction to hold the nut in place.

How To Attach Bike Trailer Without Coupler - using bolt on hub method

Adjust the hitch’s alignment to your liking now. Once you align the toolbar and insert the pin from its top, tighten the rear axle nut.

Finally, attach the safety strap to the tow bar by running it through the bike frame and securing it.

2. Chain Stay Frame Mount

Using the previous alternative with all types of trailers and mountain bikes is impossible. The VORCOOL Bike Trailer Hitch is a universal mounting kit for this very reason. Any bicycle can use it because it is attached to its frame. Take a look at this.

It is a sturdy steel-built piece with a simple-to-install design that requires no tools. This bike trailer would be ideal for hauling luggage, children, or even pets.

ChainStay mount frame method

First, attach the v-shaped portion of the hitch to the chain stay frame.

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The hitch has a large knob, which you’ve already noticed. Tighten it by rotating it counterclockwise.

With two holes on each end of the attachment kit, you can connect it to your phone when you’ve put it in one end of the bike trailer and put it in the top clip.

Finally, secure the frame with the safety strap by clipping and strapping it through.

3. Seat Post Mount

Check out bike seat post mount hitches if you don’t like the axle options for attaching the trailer. For your consideration, I present the following three possibilities.

Bicycle trailer hitch with a zinc coating from Ventura and a quick hitch from Travoy.

The first two fall within a reasonable price range, whereas the third one does. However, the Travoy hitch can be installed without using any tools. Installing any one of these takes no more than a few minutes. To tow a trailer, all you need is to attach a hitch to the seat post.

There are no compatibility issues, which is a huge plus. Whatever the diameter of the seat post, you can use this hitch to bike trailer fastened securely in place.

Check Out Some DIY Alternatives

Do you consider yourself a do-it-yourselfer? If so, do you have the tools necessary to construct a hitch? In this case, you’ll be able to build a long-lasting and reliable component for a low price. Let’s take a look at how to do it and the required features.


  • Swivel caster wheels in every direction (buy the such a model that lets you remove the rear wheels)
  • Mount antenna poles to this cross bracket.
  • a self-sealing screw

Check Out Some DIY Alternatives


  • Step 1: Remove the caster’s axle bolt and remove the wheel before continuing. The wheel is unnecessary.
  • Step 2: Drill a hole in the cross bracket to accommodate the caster’s bolt.
  • Step 3: Using a self-locking nut, secure the caster to the bracket. You can use a grinder to remove the excess length from the bolt.
  • Step 4: Tighten the cross bracket bolts to secure the bike’s seat post hitch. The bike trailer bar is attached to the hitch using a simple pin with a safety lock. The caster here ensures that the wheel remains horizontal.

Which Types Of Bike Can Pull A Bike Trailer?

1. Quick-Release Bikes

The manufacturer mostly produces trailers for bikes with quick-release wheels. The axles on these bikes are stronger than those on normal motorcycles and can be removed fast.

Because of their wheels, the trailer may be repaired fast. If, on the other hand, your bike has dropouts in the shape of a hood and the coupler for the bike trailer does not fit, you will need to purchase spacers to allow the coupler to attach to the trailer.

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2. Thru Axle Bikes

Through-axles are a common feature on today’s road bikes and mountain bikes. They travel quickly between the hubs and have a huge diameter. Especially with a burley trailer, the 12 mm-diameter thru-axles won’t fit into the bike trailer coupler. Therefore, an adaptor is something you’ll want to invest in.


Can a bike trailer be attached to just about any bike?

The trailer is connected to the bicycle via a coupler attachment that slides under the rear wheel nut. It should be compatible with the majority of adult bikes out there.

Does the instep bike trailer fold up?

Assembling, storing, and transporting are all made simple thanks to the folding-frame design and quick-release wheel.

how to attach a trailer to a bicycle

What are the best methods for securing a bike trailer?

Secure your bike and bike trailer to an immobile object with the help of the U-Locks. Chains or cables can then be used to secure the wheels of both your bike and your trailer. You may want to run a chain under the trailer and attach the U-lock there to ensure your trailer.

What is the maximum weight that an electric bike can tow?

Because bicycle trailers come in many different shapes and sizes, you can find the perfect one for the cargo you need to transport. Even without children, pets, or other cargo, most electric bike trailers can reach a weight of 40 pounds or more. An e-bike allows you to tow all of these extra loads comfortably.

What is the minimum age for a child to be able to ride in a trailer behind an adult bicycle?

Until one year and a half, your child can safely ride in a bike trailer behind your bicycle while wearing a helmet.

Is it necessary to be light when riding an e-bike?

Compared to a non-electric bike, which typically weighs 29 to 38 pounds, the electric bike is significantly lighter (road bike, hybrid, mountain, commuter). With electric bikes, weight isn’t so much a factor in performance as in how far you can go before needing a new battery.

Are bike trailers worth it?

Adding a bike trailer will increase the overall length, weight, and difficulty of maneuvering your bike. Pedaling with two extra wheels may be less enjoyable due to the increased resistance.

how to connect a bike trailer to a bike

Is it difficult to tow a bike trailer?

It’s much more difficult to tow a bike trailer and one or two children than to tow just yourself. With practice and some riding advice, the difficulty of towing a bike trailer will diminish.

What are the disadvantages of electric bikes?

Some of the drawbacks of e-bikes are as follows: The average cost of an e-bike; The battery’s life expectancy is relatively short; Recharging the battery takes a long time; the range of the bike is limited. E-bikes are significantly heavier; There is a price to be paid for routine maintenance and repairs; The resale value of e-bikes is generally low;

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What can I do to keep my bike trailer safe from thieves?

Secure the trailer of your bike to the rack, your bike’s frame, or another u-lock in a city where bike theft is an issue. Whatever method you use to secure the trailer, avoid using a lock that can be removed with a wrench.

What modifications can I make to my bike trailer to enhance its comfort level?

Possible options include, but are not limited to: To create a virtual helmet space, place a towel or padding behind the child. A new bike trailer with a helmet pocket has been released. Leave the helmet at home. The child should be strapped into a child carrier, and the carrier strapped into the seat of the trailer (likely will have to be without the helmet)

What is a coupler for a bike trailer?

However, despite its name, it serves as an effective hitch for towing your bike behind a car or a trailer. Without tools, a trailer can be connected and disconnected regularly. To rotate pulling duties, it’s a good idea to have an extra couple on an adult bike and the one supplied with the trailer.

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How do you attach a bike trailer to an axle?

To attach a bike trailer to a bike with a thru-axle, you will need an adapter designed to fit both the axle and the dropouts.

You will need to be familiar with the diameter, length, and thread pitch of your through axle in order to achieve the desired level of fit.

You can get this information in the user handbook that was packaged along with your bicycle, or you can remove the thru-axle from the wheel of your bicycle and examine the numbers that are printed on the side of the axle.


In conclusion, attaching a bike trailer is not a difficult task. You can easily connect your bike trailer to a truck if you know the requirements and potential risks. However, there are some things that you need to know. The materials, tools, and work habits are essential. Otherwise, you might get in trouble while attaching a bike trailer to a truck.

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