How To Bunny Hop A Mountain Bike? Types Of Bunny Hop In 2022

How To Bunny Hop A Mountain Bike? Types Of Bunny Hop In 2022

The ability to bunny hop is really helpful because it can keep you out of difficulty, keep you going forward quickly, and improve your ability to clear big jumps. This method, which can be used on any bike with flat or SPD pedals, is the easiest, highest, and most controlled hop.

Read on our post to learn how to bunny hop a mountain bike.

Types Of Bunny Hop

Bunny hop on a mountain bike

There are several distinct variations of the bunny hop, but only one should be learned because the others prevent you from moving forward. Various forms of rabbit hope include:

The ‘mini two-wheeled hop’

The rider lifts the bike just a little bit off the ground by pressing against the pedals and performing a “little two-wheeled jump.” Even while it’s fairly easy to learn, this won’t help you improve your riding or go on to other talents. Beginners frequently employ this method until they master the front wheel pop.

In the SPD hop (The English Hop)

The “little two-wheeled hop” is comparable to the SPD hop.

The cyclist raises both wheels at once by pulling up on the SPDs that attach their shoes to the bike. little distance from the ground. You won’t need any special skills or be able to get very tall using this method. Avoid using this method, at least while you’re still learning.

Front wheels pop

When the cyclist lifts the front wheel off the ground first, this is known as “the front wheel pop.” then uses their feet to pick up the pedals to lift the back wheel off the ground.

This method is the key to unlocked many biking talents and enables the rider to achieve a substantial amount of height should they need to clear a large obstacle. It does take a little more practice to acquire this method, but it’s well worth it!

Bunny Hop Method

How to do a bunny hop on a bike

The front wheel and the back wheel are the two components of bunny jumps.

Front Wheel

The front-wheel must be raised using a method similar to a manual. If you still struggle with manuals, check out our post on mountain biking: how-to manual. In essence, you must pre-load into the bike before prodding it forward with your arms and legs.

The most important thing in this situation is to lift the front wheel with your weight rather than tugging with your arms.

Back Wheel

It’s time to raise the back wheel up as the front wheel is rising and almost at its apex. Your manual has now preloaded the back of the bike and shifted your weight over the rear wheel.

You should now immediately rise and lean slightly forward. The rear wheel will lift off the ground due to your quick weight change.

How To Bunny Hop A Mountain Bike?

How to bunny hop on a bike

We’ve broken down the “front wheel pop bunny hop” into 2 easily learned fundamental abilities, and we’ll show you how to combine those skills to execute the perfect bunny hop.

How do you raise the front wheel?

How can the rear wheel be raised off the ground?

How do you combine these two abilities to perform the ideal bunny hop?

Both flat and SPD pedals can be used to learn to bunny hop; however, it is advised to utilize simple flat pedals so that you acquire the correct technique and are not tempted to cheat.

Step 1: How Can I Raise The Front Wheel?

You must first master the little manual, which is a wheelie without pedaling and involves lifting the front tire off the ground. If you need a complete how-to guide, we offer one here. However, here is a succinct summary:

Face the front of the bike while standing tall. When learning to bunny hop, start from this stance. However, during the entire procedure, maintain your eyes forward.

Shift the bike’s center of gravity to the back. To transition from standing erect over the front of the bike to sitting over the back wheel, you want to use your body weight as a lever. The front-wheel should ‘jump’ off the ground as a result.

As you pass over the back wheel, move your arms forward. You are not horribly raising the handlebars straight up. You want to push the handlebars diagonally away from you.

Knees should remain bent. Keep your knees bent as much as possible since the following stage of the hop requires bent knees.

Shield the back brake. In case you pull the front wheel up too high, it’s a good idea to cover the rear brake with one finger. The front-wheel will return to the ground with a brief tap of the rear brake.

Practice this method until you feel comfy lifting the front wheel. This miniature manual, which can be utilized for anything from moving the front wheel over obstructions to drops and leaps, is a very useful skill in and of itself. Read more how to do a wheelie on a bike?, how many miles should i bike a day?

Step 2: How To Get The Back Wheel Off The Ground?

Second, you must learn how to perform a tiny endo without brakes in order to lift the back wheel off the ground. If you don’t already know, an endo is often performed by using the front brake, which places you on the front wheel and raises the back wheel into the air.

You will learn how to achieve this in this stage without using your brakes and just your body. (However, learning a basic endo with your brakes first would make it simpler.)

Put your weight over the handlebars and stand tall. To help take the weight off the back wheel, it’s crucial to place your weight over the front of the bike. To maintain your weight over the front, try to keep your elbows pointing out.

Pointing your toes downward, press your feet firmly against the pedals. Pulling the back wheel off the ground will be much easier if your feet are held firmly in the proper posture.

Lean over the front wheel while simultaneously raising your feet. Continue gazing forward and pushing hard into the pedals while grabbing the bike’s back end. Push your weight further over the front of the bike at the same moment. The rear wheel should lift off the ground if everything is done correctly.

Work on this technique until you can consistently and easily lift the back wheel at least 30 cm off the ground. Being able to lift the back wheel over obstacles you may find on the trail is a vital skill to have.

Step 3: How Can You Use Both Abilities To Perform The Ideal Bunny Hop?

It’s time to combine your newly acquired knowledge of lifting the front and rear wheels off the ground separately into a bunny hop. Like an ollie on a skateboard, you raise the front wheel first and the back wheel second to perform the hop.

first focus on the front wheel pop (mini-manual). Maintain your front gaze in the direction of travel as you begin to pop a little manual to raise the front wheel off the ground.

When the front wheel is virtually at its highest point, raise the rear wheel. Your weight should be over the back wheel with the front wheel raised off the ground.

Try to accomplish this while also scooping up the back wheel as you did with the brakeless endo as you shift your weight from the rear wheel to standing tall over the front of the bike. This should start the hop by lifting the bike off the ground.

Allow the bike to rise up into your body once you are in the air. Allow the bike to rise up into your body with your arms and knees bent inward when the rear wheel lifts off the ground.

With the body stretched, try to have both wheels land at the same time. It’s crucial to land with both wheels touching the ground at once in order to control the hop and keep it smooth.

Try extending your arms and legs to help you land more smoothly and to cushion the impact.

Once you feel confident lifting both wheels off the ground, try practicing hopping over a tiny object like a stick. Rise the height of the optical you are leaping over gradually. You’ll begin to understand that the key to performing the perfect bunny hop is flawless timing, which can only be acquired through practice.

Let’s Practice

Learn to bunny hop mountain bike

  1. Begin on a fully level surface free of any obstructions. Locate a grassy area, such as your backyard, a field, a meadow, or something comparable. Complete training exercises to try to master each bunny hop component. Feel free to try new things and modify anything that doesn’t suit your needs.
  • Keep an eye on which wheel usually lands first. You can change your technique after seeing this to ensure that either the front or back wheel lands first.
  • Wait to move from a flat place until you can hop over six inches of ground without difficulty.
  1. Transfer to a trail that is moderately rolling and has few barriers. Try performing a bunny hop on a trail over slightly rolling terrain once you’ve gained confidence. Use tiny barriers to your advantage, such as tree limbs, small rocks, or roots.
  1. Attempt to hop on a difficult trail with significant obstacles. It’s time to advance to challenging trails once you’ve mastered the little hurdles on intermediate trails. You may need to hop over a number of obstacles on these pathways depending on the situation.
  1. Exercise with buddies. Observe how your friend bunny hop. Then let them observe you. Comment on each other. In the end, you and your pals will be able to perform superior bunny hops.
  • Additionally, think about joining a group where you may get knowledge from more seasoned members. Think about organizations like the Appalachian Mountain Bike Club in North Carolina, the Overland Mountain Bike Club in Colorado, or other organizations around the nation.
  • Make plans to go bicycling and practice with friends over the weekend.


Mountain biking bunny hop

Can You Do A Bunny Hop On Any Bike?

The ability to bunny hop is really helpful because it can keep you out of difficulty, keep you going forward quickly, and improve your ability to clear big jumps. This method, which can be used on any bike with flat or SPD pedals, is the easiest, highest, and most controlled hop.

Do You Need Speed To Bunny Hop?

Even though skilled trials riders can start from a standstill by bunny hopping, the rest of us require some speed. As you approach the obstruction, maintain a cruising speed of around 10 mph to give yourself enough momentum to accomplish the maneuver.

Can I Bunny-hop Onto A Road Bike?

If you can avoid it, don’t put your good bike at risk of wheel damage. Put on your gloves and helmet, and bring something soft to use as a barrier. The towel should be rolled. You don’t need anything bigger because most road dangers can be safely avoided with a few inches of height.

How Do You Bunny Hop On A Bike For Beginners?


BSXInsight hopes this post motivates you to go swing your leg over your bike and acts as a step in the right path. Keep in mind that even in the tightest lockdown scenarios, you can still advance. You’re already in a better position because reading this post made you consider your approach for ten minutes. We’ll examine the elusive guidebook in the upcoming edition.

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