How To Put A Bike On A Bike Rack: A Simple Tutorial 2023

How To Put A Bike On A Bike Rack: A Simple Tutorial 2023

If you’re looking to transport your bike without adding extra weight to your vehicle, then a bike rack is the way. But before you can hit the road, you need to know how to put a bike on a bike rack. Here’s a quick guide on how to do just that.

Bike-carrying Options

1. The Boot

If your saloon car has a lot of space, you can put your bike in the bike trunk. This option is straightforward to disassemble. To remove the front wheel and saddle cover, you will need to take them off your bike.

This option provides safety for your bike, easy loading, conveniently bring and is free of additional costs. It may not be enough space for other items in your car.

To protect your vehicle from theft threats, install an advanced alarm system. It is not your intention to have expensive bikes stolen.

2. In Estate Car

The massive cargo space of an estate car is ideal for bicycles, especially if the rear seats can be folded.

You can rest assured that your bike is safe from theft. The bike will have a minimal impact on fuel consumption. There will be no additional costs. You can also be sure that any elements will not damage the bike.

This option could make your car’s interior dirty. This means you should always be able to drive in a box.

How To Put A Bike On A Bike Rack

3. Roof Rack

This traditional bike carrying method uses space above the car’s head. You may need to remove the front wheel from some designs. You can also get one with actual arms that grab your bike frame.

It is possible to transport up to four bikes using the car’s spacious roof. Other stuff can be carried on the roof racks. Your bike protects your vehicle from damage.

Low entrances are essential, just like those found in garages or parks. This is the worst thing for your car’s fuel consumption. Bad weather can cause the bike to get damaged or even wet.

It cannot be easy to load your bike in this manner. It can be difficult to fit or remove your bike quickly.

4. Hatch or Boot Rack

This is the most common way to transport your bike. Straps hold the hitch rack to your car. The padding of the car bike rack is what keeps it on the vehicle. You can also find bicycle racks with sophisticated designs that include cradles to hold your bike.

This exact method makes it easy to load your bike. You can quickly remove your bike and fit it. It is cost-effective, folds up for storage and can be folded down. It has a lower impact on fuel consumption.

It blocks access to the back of the car. It can also obscure the plates and lights, putting optimum security at risk. This could cause paintwork damage to either your car or your bike. To prevent theft, an extra lock is required.

Now that you have a basic understanding of the various ways to attach your bicycle to your car, it is time to get to work.

Method 1. Attach Your Bike To The Back Of Your Car

1. The rack should be opened up to reveal a nice arc. Your rack’s exact shape will depend on your make and model, but it should fully open a big arc. For hatchbacks or SUVs, the rack mounts against one side of the trunk and the other against the rear window. The car bike rack attaches to the trunk at the top and back for sedans and coupes.

  • The clamps that hold your bike in place will help you determine which side should face upwards. These clamps should be positioned so that the rest of your rack is facing up.
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2. The clips can be attached to the trunk’s sides, top, and bottom. The clips attach to the trunk’s spaces that separate from the car. The clips should be inserted gently so they don’t have to force themselves in.

  • Each clip has writing to indicate where it should be attached. The writing on each clip will say “top”, bottom, or side.
  • Every clip has a purpose, so make sure you look around the rack to ensure you don’t miss any.

Method 1. Attach your bike to the back of your car

3. Ensure all straps are tightened so that the rack is securely in place. These racks can be pulled on by simply pulling the excess straps from the clip. The strap should be held in place because you will be driving with the rack on.

  • You should not use a rack if the clip isn’t tightening correctly or you have trouble getting it in place. It can pose a severe risk to your safety and other motorists if the rack is loosening while you drive.

4. You can test the rack’s strength simply by shaking it from side to side. Try to move the rack side-to-side by holding it in your hands. The rack will move side-to-side with the car if it is in place.

  • The rack will not move backward when you accelerate or turn corners.
  • If the rack is moving around, you can check that each strap is securely fastened.

5. Lock the bike arms by pulling them up. These are the arms that keep the bike in place when you drive. Every model and make of bike locks differently, but they should click together when you lift them or have a screw to secure them.

  • You will most likely have two arms that lock in place.
  • As they are coming away from the car, the arms should be slightly bent upward. This allows gravity to support the bike if the straps become loose or fall apart until you can bikes secure them or replace them.

6. Place the bike on the rack and place it on the arms. It would help if you were careful to don’t endanger your bike or your car. The top of the frame, which is flat and runs from your front wheel to the back of your seat, should be placed on the arms.

  • Try to distribute the bike’s weight as evenly as possible.
  • To avoid scratching the paint, place a clean cloth between the bike & the rack.

how to mount a bike on a bike rack

7. To secure the bike in place, clamp the arms of the frame. This method will vary depending on the type of bike you have. You may find a strap that you attach to the edge or a clamp that you press down to lock it.

  • No matter what it may be, ensure it is secured on both arms to stop the bike from moving while you drive.
  • After you have secured the bike, shake it. It’s not connected correctly if it moves a lot or makes a loud or unusual sound.
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In case you want to transport your bike long-distance, this guide may help: How To Ship A Bike

Method 2. Lock Your Bike on a Rack

1. A U-lock made of hardened steel U is a good investment. Without very sophisticated tools, these locks are complicated to open. These locks work by removing a bolt connecting the two ends of the “U,” You can then slip the lockout or inside.

  • These locks can be purchased online or in a bike shop. You can ask store clerks any questions if you visit a bike shop.
  • Buy the best lock that you can afford. Hardened steel u lock is high, but so is the cost of replacing your bike.
  • Avoid cheap combination locks and cable locks. These are easy to pick and cut. This cable lock can attach your saddle or rear wheel to your frame.

2. It would help if you looked for racks in well-lit areas. This is the easiest way to ensure the safety of your bike. The possibility of thieves gaining access to your bike rack by placing it on a side street or far from other people is a sign that you are vulnerable. Look for bike racks near significant landmarks so you can take different modes of public transport.

  • Bike racks may be available at a station to allow people to bike to the train.
  • If there are no bike racks available, you can use street signs or parking meters to place your bike. Make sure you keep your bike out of the way of pedestrians and motorists.

Method 2. Lock Your Bike on a Rack

3. Place the bike in the rack with the front wheel facing up. The racks are usually marked with the location of each bike. Push the bike in straight by holding it steady at the seat. You should make sure that the rack is strong and free from holes.

  • Some racks can’t be attached to the ground, so ensure that your bike is securely attached by cement or a locking mechanism.

4. The lock should be inserted through the frame, both wheels and rack. To get the best results, lock both the frame and the wheels of your bicycle to the rack. You can use valuable accessories lock to secure one wheel if the lock doesn’t fit through both wheels.

  • You can spot many front wheels attached to bike racks in cities. This is where thieves have taken the rest of your bike.
  • Make sure the lock is inserted through the rack and not the frame. It is easy to miss the rack and attach the lock to your bike but not the bike. Although it sounds absurd, it is widespread!

5. Insert the bolt into the lock and make sure it clicks. When the lock clicks, it is activated. To verify that bike is locked, pull on it.

  • You’re good to go once the lock has been installed.
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A-Frame Adapter is a tool that can be used to adapt the frame. These steps are almost identical, but the difference is how you use the gear.

This is an excellent option if you want to mount a female bike on a bike rack, as a lady’s bicycle may not come with a bar sideways that allows you to attach it securely to the frame.

Many excellent options on the market, such as the SportRack Alternative Bike Adapter, which is a fantastic deal.

how to mount multiple bikes on a bike rack

The bar adapter snaps into place to provide a top tube, which allows you to attach your cruiser to your bike rack like other bikes.

After you’ve installed the crossbar correctly, you can follow the steps in this article. After attaching the bike rack to the car, carefully mount your bicycle.


  • Buy the best lock that you can afford. It is well worth the risk of losing one.
  • If possible, register your bicycle with the local police department. You only need the serial number of your bike.
  • If your bike is stolen, you can file a police report to report it. You can also contact your insurance company if you have one.
  • You can load more than one bike on your car rack at a time by switching the bike’s direction, so the handlebars are not in conflict.

We also provide some instructions to attach the bike trailer without a coupler, which maybe you need.


How do you put a women’s bike on a bike rack?

You can put a women’s bike on a bike rack by using the A-Frame Adapter.

This is an excellent option if you want to mount a female bike on a bike rack, as a lady’s bicycle may not come with a bar sideways that allows you to attach it securely to the frame.

How do you put a bike on a hitch rack?

Put some tension on these straps to prevent the rack from moving about. After the structure has been stabilized, you should raise the two bike arms and lock them into position. Put your bike on top of the two arms that are attached to the rack.

How to put a cruiser bike on a bike rack?

You can put a cruiser bike on a bike rack by using a Roof Mounted Bike Rack, Strap-on Trunk Mounted and a Hitch-Mount Bike Rack.

How to put a bike on a thule bike rack?

You can put a bike on a thule bike rack that is designed for SUVs by noticing that one side of the rack hooks to the back window, while the other end attaches to the trunk.

When you mount a bicycle to a Thule bike rack that is designed for SUVs, you will notice that one side of the rack hooks to the back window, while the other end attaches to the trunk.


There are many different kinds of bike racks. So, before you buy, ask the store whether there is a rack that will work for your bike, and ask how to fit your bike correctly.

Your adventures will be more enjoyable once you know how to do your bike. You’ll be able to carry your bike with you anywhere and everywhere. It’s up to you what you do with it. BSXInsight hopes this guide is useful for you.

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