What Is Jarno Saarinen Net Worth 2023: Wiki, Age, Weight And Height, Relationships, Family, And More

What Is Jarno Saarinen Net Worth 2023 Wiki, Age, Weight And Height, Relationships, Family, And More

In the world of motorsport, a few names are etched in golden letters, leaving an indelible mark. One such icon is Jarno Saarinen.

Known for his unconventional yet incredibly effective riding style, Saarinen created ripples in the world of motorcycle racing. But what is the legacy of Jarno Saarinen net worth? 

How has his fame shaped his wealth in 2023? Bsxinsight unravels these questions and more in the following sections.

Real NameJarno Karl Keimo Saarinen
Popular NameThe Flying Finn
Birth DateDecember 11, 1945
AgeDied at 28 (May 20, 1973)
Birth PlaceTurku, Finland
Marital StatusMarried
Sexual OrientationPresumably Straight
Wife/SpouseSoili Saarinen
Net Worth$1- 5 Million
Source of WealthMotorcycle road racing

What is Jarno Saarinen Net Worth and Salary in 2023?

What is Jarno Saarinen Net Worth and Salary in 2023

According to reports, Jarno Saarinen had an impressive net worth of 1-5 million before his untimely death in 1973.

This figure was reported as of April 30, 2023, according to various online resources, including Wikipedia, Forbes, and IMDb.

His wealth was primarily accumulated from his successful career as a race car driver. Also, check Hugh Anderson MBE Net Worth.

Why is Jarno Saarinen Famous?

Why is Jarno Saarinen Famous

Saarinen, often remembered as the Flying Finn, is revered in motorcycle racing. His fame comes from the fact that he used new techniques and never gave up, which won him many awards.

He changed the way people ride corners in a unique and groundbreaking way. This made a big impact on the sport and influenced how racers ride today.

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Jarno Saarinen Overview

Jarno Saarinen Overview

Early Life

Jarno Saarinen was born on December 1945 in Turku, Finland. From a young age, he was interested in mechanics and engineering, which led him to study mechanical engineering.

When he was just 15 years old, he started working for Tunturi-Puch as an apprentice and test rider. His life was closely connected to motorbikes during this time.

This experience taught him the intricacies of assembling mopeds and motorcycles at the Turku-based factory. Also, check Jan de Vries Net Worth.


Jarno Saarinen made his debut career at Ylone in 1961, finishing in second place.

In 1965, he started his career as an ice-track racer and won the 250cc champion in Finnish championship ice racing. This victory helped him gain recognition and popularity within the motorbike community.

In 1968, Saarinen’s career took a significant turn when this ice track racer participated in his first Grand Prix race at Imatra. He rode a 125cc Puch and finished in 11th place at the Finnish Grand Prix.

The following year, he won the 125cc and 250cc Finnish motorcycle national championships while acting as his mechanic.

Saarinen’s distinctive way of riding strongly impacted future world champion Kenny Roberts.

He would position his chest close to the motorcycle’s fuel tank and shift his body towards the inside of a turn while extending his knee outward. This style of riding influenced Roberts.

In 1971, Saarinen won his first 350cc Grand Prix race in Czechoslovakia after Giacomo Agostini’s motorcycle had a mechanical failure.

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He finished third in the 250cc World Championship and second to Agostini in the 350cc class that year. His success was noticed, and Yamaha contracted him to ride their 250cc and 350cc motorcycles for the 1972 season.

Yamaha’s trust in Saarinen paid off when he won the 250cc World Championship in a closely contested season. He faced tough competition from Renzo Pasolini and Rod Gould but emerged as the champion.

Saarinen showcased his skills when he raced against Giacomo Agostini. He achieved notable victories, including a win at the German Grand Prix held on the challenging Nürburgring race track.

The 1973 season began on a high note for Saarinen. He made history by becoming the first European rider to win the prestigious Daytona 200 race in the United States.

Riding a Yamaha TZ 350 against much larger 750cc motorcycles, he triumphed over tough competition.

He went back to Europe, where he won the prestigious Imola 200 round of the first Formula 750 European title in 1973.

Despite his short international career, Saarinen’s fifteen wins and how he achieved them built for him an almost legendary reputation. He remains the only Finn to have won a motorcycle road racing world championship.

Personal Life

Saarinen’s personal life was closely intertwined with his racing career. He was known to be a warm and friendly individual who lived out of a Volkswagen Kleinbuss with his wife.

He died in 1973’s fourth Grand Prix in Autodromo Nazionale Monza, Italy. When the rider in front of him lost control and caused a crash that killed 14 riders.

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His death increased the demand for better safety conditions for Grand Prix motorcycle racers competing in world championships.

Even though Saarinen died too soon, his legacy goes on. In 2009, his name was added to the FIM MotoGP Hall of Fame.

His influence continues to be felt in the world of motorcycle racing, and his memory is kept alive by his dedicated fan base.

FAQs about Jarno Saarinen

FAQs about Jarno Saarinen

What was Jarno Saarinen’s career racing record?

Saarinen’s career was short but distinguished. He competed in 40 Grand Prix races, securing 15 wins and 32 podium finishes.

What is Jarno Saarinen’s legacy in motorcycle racing?

Jarno Saarinen’s innovative hanging-off riding style changed how Grand Prix motorcycle racing was approached, influencing future generations of racers.

What kind of motorcycles did Jarno Saarinen race with?

During his career, Saarinen predominantly raced with Yamaha motorcycles.

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In conclusion, Jarno Saarinen, a true motorsport icon, lived a life that transcended his earthly years. His innovations in racing technique, combined with an indomitable spirit, continue to influence generations of racers.

While not explicitly quantifiable, his net worth is undoubtedly in the respect and admiration he continues to garner from motorsport enthusiasts worldwide.

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