One easy sleeve for comfort

The durable compression sleeve secures BSXinsight to a single location on your calf. This allows BSXinsight to measure consistent data points to ensure accurate results. Devices come with a sleeve, and we have a size chart to help you choose your fit.

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Calf Compression Sleeve


  • This product is a sleeve only and does NOT include electronics.
  • One (1) Calf Compression Sleeve
  • Ensures Proper Positioning for Accuracy
  • Light Blocking Technology
  • Designed for Outdoor/Indoor Use
  • Calculated at Checkout
Sleeve Size (Required)
See Sizing Chart >
Size Circumference
XS < 12.5"
S 12.5" - 14"
M 14" - 15.5"
L 15.5" - 17"
XL > 17"