Under Desk Elliptical Vs Bike: Which One You Should Choose In 2023?

Under Desk Elliptical Vs Bike: Similarities And Differences 2023

Under desk elliptical vs bike are two popular exercise machines that can help you get a good workout. Both have pros and cons, so choosing the one that’s right for you is important.

The elliptical machine for under desk is a great choice for those who want a low-impact workout. It’s also easy to use and doesn’t take up much space. The bike is a good choice for those who want a more challenging workout. It’s also portable and can be used outdoors.



If you are looking for a workout you can do while sitting at your desk, and you may wonder if an under-desk exercise bike or an under-desk elliptical is the better option. Both have their pros and cons, so it really depends on your individual needs and preferences.

An under-desk exercise bike is a great option if you want a low-impact workout that is easy on your joints. It is also a very affordable option. However, an exercise bike can be a bit noisy, so if you have co-workers close by, it may not be the best choice.

On the other hand, an under-desk elliptical is a great choice if you are looking for a more challenging workout. It is also relatively quiet, so it won’t bother your co-workers. However, an elliptical can be more expensive than an exercise bike.

So, which is the better option for you? It really depends on your budget, your fitness goals, and your preference for noise level.

Under Desk Elliptical

What is an Under Desk Elliptical?

An under desk machine is identical to a standard elliptical machine. However, it is significantly smaller. Several brands are available, including the well-known Cubii Pro (available on Amazon.com) and Cubii Jr. (also on Amazon). Several of them may be seen in the photograph above.

These devices are designed to help you work out while you work or watch TV. They are quite small and simple to operate.

Under desk ellipticals, like other elliptical machines, feature a gentle shuffling action on the joints.


  • Motion is preferable for under-desk usage.
  • It is possible to train more muscle groups.
  • Increases calorie burn
  • It is simpler to utilize.
  • Another significant reason this device stands out is that it employs greater magnetic resistance, which provides much better and smoother mobility.


  • A touch more costly
  • It cannot endure repeated and severe usage.
  • Elliptical machines are less efficient than regular ones.
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Under Desk Bike

What Is an Under Desk Bike?

An underdesk exercise bike is a little pedal machine that fits beneath your desk. Several firms produce them with significantly disparate levels of quality. Some of the most popular are available on Amazon.

Underdesk bikes move in the same circular motion as traditional bicycles. Most individuals use these devices to get additional exercise while sitting on the sofa or working at a computer throughout the day.


  • Whisper Quieter than an elliptical machine
  • For a new kind of workout, you might be positioned above you.
  • Upper Body Workout is less costly than ellipticals.
  • Required Desk Clearance


  • Proper posture may be difficult and painful.
  • Small pedals will not function for large feet.
  • A higher desk is required to fit beneath the table.
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Do Under The Under Desk Bike Vs Elliptical Work?

Do Under The Desk Bikes/ Ellipticals Work?

Compared to the desk workout equipment found at the gym, under-desk bikes and ellipticals are compact and basic. We’re left wondering whether they can genuinely help us lose weight and become in shape. The good news is that they can.

The nice thing about ellipticals and under-desk bikes is that they make it easy to move and raise our heart rate, allowing us to burn more calories. Increased exercise aids in weight loss by strengthening muscles, joints, and the light cardio system.

An under-desk exerciser is a terrific method to fit in a cardio workout or desk workout equipment without additional time.

Under-desk devices are only suitable for low-intensity workouts. If you have certain fitness objectives, you should use different equipment. Under-desk devices are intended to promote movement while sitting. We can’t blame their intent. Under-desk devices might be quite handy if you need to move more while sitting. You can read more about Recumbent vs upright bike, myx bike vs peloton.

The Similarities: Under Desk Bike Vs Elliptical

The Similarities: Under Desk Bike Vs Elliptical

The following are the parallels between the two machines:

Primary Purpose

Both gadgets may assist you in burning calories and exercising while at work. One gadget is superior to the other. If you utilize the same settings and intensity for the same period, you will burn the same number of calories.

It is vital to notice that both machines engage the same muscles in your upper body, mostly found in your legs and lower bodies.


The dimensions of both elliptical and underdesk exercise bikes are the same. Both computers are roughly 10 inches tall, so desk clearance is required. Under desk machines are one-tenth the size of gym equipment.

They’re designed to allow you to move your legs around in the little area under your desk, except for motorcycles, which have a somewhat higher profile owing to the circular movements of their feet, which demand more room.


Is under desk elliptical effective?

Because exercise cycles and ellipticals are composed of the same materials, their weights are almost identical. The elliptical machines have an average weight of 20 pounds. This makes them portable from one location to another.

They may be stowed beneath your desk and are portable. It may be locked beneath your desk while you work and left behind when you return home.

They are light and simple to carry.


Both devices have the same capabilities. They are both intended for workouts and contain common features such as resistance adjustment. The machine is calm while you try to maintain your health and well-being. These devices are quite silent. Except when you alter the settings, you will not hear any sound. Even so, it will be quite little.

They all allow you to pick the alternatives you desire. You get more features and better quality selections as you pay more money.

Regardless of your equipment, you will burn the same number of calories. Manufacturers offer 300 calories each day. However, the average person burns approximately 100 calories at a moderate pace.


In terms of quality and features, the machines are almost comparable. They are also around the same price.

According to Amazon ratings, the top versions cost approximately $200. It makes no difference whether you select the bike or the elliptical. You’ll pay around the same amount as someone who chooses the opposite.

This makes deciding between machines easier since pricing is one of the most crucial criteria for purchasers.

Under Desk Elliptical vs Bike: Detailed Differences

Under Desk Elliptical vs Bike: Detailed Differences


The key distinction between under desk bikes and ellipticals is how they move. Ellipticals, like shuffling, need a forward and backward action. Unlike a traditional bike, motorcycles circularly move your feet.

They both work the legs, of course. However, because of the difference in speed, they will target different leg regions. The elliptical’s shuffling action means that the knees do much of the work. As a result, your quadriceps and hamstrings will get greater attention. However, the added lift needed by the bike will put greater strain on your hips and core.

Desk Height

We’ve already discussed how the range of motion on bikes and ellipticals vary. As a result, the amount of space required between the floor and your desk will vary. The elliptical’s shuffling action keeps your knees relatively low.

However, the additional height necessary to accomplish a circular motion on the bike means you’ll need plenty of room for your knees to lift. Before purchasing an under desk bike or elliptical, be sure you have enough desk clearance. You don’t want to be falling over with each turn.


Both the under desk bike and the elliptical are intended to train the legs while sitting. On the other hand, the under desk bike may be used on a raised surface to offer arm exercise.

Grab the pedals and move your arms in a circular manner, similar to how you would move your legs. Unfortunately, the elliptical cannot give good arm exercise. Sure, it allows your arms to move, but the range is restricted, and it’s much more difficult to hold and move the pedals.


Can you lose weight with an under desk bike?

Under desk bikes are often equipped with a pedal that requires you to strap your feet into a loop. Because the bike requires a circular motion, that strap will assist you in pulling the pedal up and completing the action.

Most pedals, however, are built to fit the typical foot size. So, if you have bigger feet, you may need to shop to ensure that your feet can fit in the pedals. You can put your feet over the strap, but it’s unpleasant and makes the motion awkward.

Ellipticals do not have straps and cover a significantly bigger surface area. They do not need the strap to complete the movement. To hold your feet in position, they feature a slightly elevated border. Consequently, folks with bigger feet don’t have to worry about the pedal size.

Leg Muscles

The Under Desk Elliptical is superior to the Under Desk Bike since it engages the whole body, yet the elliptical motion provides more and better methods to train your legs.

The elliptical machine may be used to work out numerous leg muscles. You will need to change the location of your feet on the pedals to attain the appropriate results. You may get the required outcomes by standing flat-footed on your toes and heel. These poses are ideal for healing from an injury or strengthening your legs.

You may probably have problems obtaining your desired level of fitness. This is very crucial while repairing a joint and progressing through the phases.

Feet Placement

The Under Desk Bike pedals need you to place your feet into them. We suggest getting a bike with larger pedals than usual for your foot size. If you cannot locate a bike that meets your requirements, you may put your feet on the pedals without inserting them into the loops.

The Under Desk Elliptical has larger pedals that can fit people of all sizes. You must stand on the pedals and push them forward and backward. They contain little obstacles in front and behind to hold your feet in place.


Both devices may be used to strengthen your legs, but they do it differently. The Under Desk Bike enables you to move your legs in a circular manner, similar to riding a bike.

On the other hand, are desk ellipticals effective leg movements comparable to shuffling your legs back and forth? The major variances in the direction of your motions will allow you to work out different leg muscles. The feet’s range of motion would be altered. Because of the many muscle motions, Under-Desk Ellipticals are more likely to make you exhausted.

Cubii vs Deskcycle

Cubii vs Deskcycle

There are several under-desk cycles and ellipticals on the market. The ideal exerciser meets your specific demands and preferences. If you’re unsure what to acquire, check into Cubii and Deskcycle, two of the most popular exercises on the market.


Cubii makes a variety of tiny under-desk ellipticals. Cubii elliptical machine for under desk trainers are small, silent pedal devices that let you burn calories, strengthen, and tone as you sit. Cubii’s most popular models are the Cubii Pro and Cubii JR1.


Deskcycle provides magnetic resistance under-desk cycles. Magnetic resistance enables silent, smooth, joint-gentle movement. Track your calories burnt and distance traveled to aid in your fitness quest.


under desk bike vs elliptical

Does the Under desk elliptical help lose weight?

Yes. Under-desk ellipticals allow you to add extra movement into your day and thus burn more calories.

Are under-desk ellipses effective on Reddit?

The Elliptical or Under Desk Cycle is a safe and effective way for seniors to exercise. Many units can be used indoors or outdoors as they are portable and compact. Although it may take longer to burn calories, light exercise is better than none.

What is best under-desk elliptical in 2023?

An under-desk elliptical is similar to a regular elliptical machine but much smaller. There are several brands on the market, including the popular Cubii Pro and Cubii Jr.

Do under-desk bikes work for weight loss?

Since under-desk bikes and ellipticals only work out your lower body, you’re more likely to experience toning and weight loss in your legs.

Ellipticals work more muscle groups than bikes when they’re used under your desk. However, you can move a bike to the top of your desk, allowing you to change the muscles you’re targeting.

Can you lose weight with an under-desk elliptical or elliptical bike?

You may burn 500 calories weekly if you cycle for 50 minutes daily. If your bike is longer or faster, you may burn more calories. Sitting pedal cycles may be utilized to shed pounds.

The under desk exercise equipment provides an excellent cardio workout. A diet is just as important as exercise if you want to reduce weight. An elliptical or a desk bike may provide mild exercise.

Does an under desk bike or elliptical give an intense workout?

Strength training should not be subpar for under desk cycling. It focuses on weight reduction and cardiovascular benefits. You won’t receive the same intensive exercise as you would from lifting weights.

There are several more advantages of utilizing an under-desk bike. This involves lowering latency and getting ready for strength training. You may then leave work immediately and go to the gym.


The elliptical chair and bike are great choices for people looking to get in shape in 2023. However, some key differences between the two may make one a better choice than the other for some people. The underdesk elliptical is smaller and more compact, making it a great choice for people with limited space.

Additionally, the under desk elliptical is less likely to cause joint pain than the bike, making it a better choice for people with arthritis or other joint problems. However, the bike is more affordable than the underdesk elliptical and is easier to store. Ultimately, your best choice will depend on your individual needs and preferences.

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