What Size Bike For 5″2 Woman 2023: Bike Size Chart- Full Guide

What Size Bike For 52 Woman 2023 Bike Size Chart- Full Guide

Female cyclists are increasingly common. These days, women are just as likely to load up their bikes with gear and hit the road as men are. It took a long time for women who are serious cyclists to find a bike that fit them properly.

For a petite but athletic female, What size bike for 5’2 woman? Following the BXSInsight blog to learn all information about bike size charts for women now.

What Size Bike For 5’2 Woman or Others For Women?

Bike Size Chart For 52 or Others For Women

Road Bike Size Chart

4ft 10in – 5ft 1in147 – 155cmXXS44 – 46cm
5ft 1in – 5ft 3in155 – 160cmXS47 – 49cm
5ft 3in – 5ft 5in160 – 165cmS50 – 52cm
5ft 5in – 5ft 8in165 – 172cmM53 – 55cm
5ft 8in – 5ft 10in172 – 180cmL55 – 57cm

Mountain Bike Size Chart

4ft 10in – 5ft 2in148 – 158cmXS13 – 14in
5ft 2in – 5ft 6in158 – 168cmS15 – 16in
5ft 6in – 5ft 10in167 – 178cmM17 – 18in
5ft 10in – 6ft 1in and up178 – 185cm+L19 – 20in

Hybrid, Commuter, and Cruiser Bike Size Chart

4ft 10in – 5ft 2in148 – 158cmXS13 – 14in
5ft 2in – 5ft 6in158 – 168cmS15 – 16in
5ft 6in – 5ft 10in168 – 178cmM17 – 18in
5ft 10in – 6ft 1in and up178 – 185cm+L19 – 20in

Getting the Right Bike Size for Women

Getting the Right Bike Size for Women

Identifying the bike measurement and specifications

A woman of 5’2″ will need to pay attention to both the frame size and the wheel size when shopping for a bicycle. Your wheel size is the diameter of your wheels, which is less important than the size of your bike’s frame.

Three common wheel sizes for mountain bikes are 26 inches, 27.5 inches, and 29 inches. Mountain bikes with 26-inch wheels are a good option for riders under 5 feet, and 2 inches tall. However, road bike wheels have a variety of diameters to choose from.

You’ll be able to choose between wheels with a 622mm diameter or 700C bearings. Women with shorter statures may feel more comfortable riding on wheels measuring 571mm or 650C.

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Manually calculating the bike size

If you want a bike that fits a 5’2″ woman perfectly, you can do the math yourself instead of using a bike size guide chart or frame size chart. You can do this by taking off your shoes and standing with your legs about 15 to 20 centimeters apart.

Then, measure how high your crotch area is from the ground. Use a calculator to figure out what size you need. If the inside leg measurement of your pants was 76 cm, you would probably need a mountain bike that was 50 cm, or 20 inches, in size.

Test riding the bike before purchase

Test riding the bike before purchase

The comfort of the bike is crucial, even after you’ve determined your size with the help of a ladies’ bike size chart. You can tell if you’ve found the perfect bike by taking it for a spin.

Many stores will let potential buyers ride the bicycle around the block to test its fit. Some stores may even allow you to take the bicycle home with you for a day to test it out and see if it fits in with your lifestyle.

You should stand over the frame with both feet flat on the ground to get a good feel for the bike’s fit. The ease with which you can repeatedly swing your leg over the bike is an important factor to consider. Find another bicycle if you are having trouble adjusting to this one.

Keep in mind the seatpost as well. You can’t have it completely lower or raise while you’re on the move. When you stand next to your bike, you can get a feel for where the saddle needs to be adjusted so that it fits comfortably over your hips.

We must also think about the handlebars. You should be able to grasp the handlebars easily while standing and sitting. If you’re uncomfortable on the bike, it’s probably not the right size for you.

Seek professional bike fitting

In order to ensure a proper fit, a professional fitting can be requested at any reputable bike shop. This sort of service is typically available at most bike shops, for a fee.

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Getting a lower step or narrower handlebars are just two examples of improvements that are possible with expert assistance.

Tips For Online Buying

Tips For Online Buying

Although test-riding a bike before purchasing it is highly recommended, doing so is currently difficult due to market conditions. A lot of local bike stores currently have essentially no stock.

Some of the best bikes for women aren’t even carried by local shops; they can only be purchased online.

If you want to buy a bike online without seeing it first, you should take the time to measure yourself carefully (height, inseam, arm length, etc.) and then use the size chart to find the right frame for you.

Thankfully, many online-only bike retailers have developed resources to make this process much simpler for their customers. Many of them will have you enter your stats so they can recommend the best bike size for you.

You can also call or email the company with your measurements and have them recommend a size if their customer service is good (and I would only consider buying from a company with good customer service).

Tips For Short Women

Pay attention to the stand-over height.

If you’re new to cycling, this might not be the best choice, but women who LOVE bikes but have trouble finding the right size might want to think about getting a custom frame.

Even though it’s expensive, it’s a great way to get a bike that fits perfectly.

Consider “youth bikes.”

More and more 26- and 27.5-inch bikes are being made for younger riders. A couple of our favorite manufacturers that provide such bicycles are Woom and Trailcraft.

For women with shorter statures, reduced-scale frames may be an ideal choice.

Consider a custom frame.

Standover height is the one and only dimension you need to worry about. The top tube of the bicycle is this tall.

You should have enough height that your feet can be flat on the ground when standing over the top tube of the bike. You won’t feel at ease while riding if this is something you struggle with.

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What size bike do you need if you are 5″2?

Locating the dimensions and details of the bike. Your wheel size is the diameter of your wheels, which is less important than the size of your bike’s frame.

There are three common sizes for mountain bike wheels: 26 inches, 27.5 inches, and 29 inches. Mountain bikes with 26-inch wheels are a good option for riders under 5 feet, 2 inches tall.

What size bike should a 5″1 woman ride?

And then, it will also depend on whether you have shorter arms or legs. If you’re 5 feet or 5 feet and one inch tall, we’d recommend a 24″. If you think your legs are about average length, a 26″ bike is a good choice.

How do I measure myself for a bike?

To determine your proper bike size when shopping online, measure your inside leg (while wearing shoes) and deduct two centimeters. Your ideal bicycle’s stand-over height can then be calculated.

What age does a 24-inch bike fit?

10 to 11 years old

Can you tell me what age group would benefit most from a bike with a 24 inch wheel size? Riders between the ages of 10 and 11 who are of average height (54.5 to 56.7 inches) will be comfortable on a bike with 24-inch wheels.

Your child may need a 26-inch bike if they are above average in height. They may need a 20-inch bike instead if they’re average height or shorter.


If you are in good physical shape, get along well with your fellow riders, and have a bike that supports you, then going for bike rides can be a lot of fun.

When riding their bikes, women who enjoy participating in the sport should give some thought to the size of the bike they ride. Therefore, investing some time and energy into the search for the perfect bicycle is necessary.

This article should ride so that you can find the best bike for your height and build without sacrificing the comfort or quality of your ride.

Because we want this chart of female bike sizes to be helpful to the greatest number of women possible, we made sure to give it as much detail as possible

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