• Lab Quality

    Experience scientific precision with an optical leg sensor.

  • Real-time Data

    Transform your body's important biosignals into training results.

  • Revolutionary Metrics

    Deepen your understanding of your physiology and other training tools.

  • Simple Results

    Eliminate the pain of difficult field tests or expensive lab visits.


Look inside
with BSXinsight

BSXinsight is the first wearable technology that tells you exactly how hard your muscles are working.

It uses scientific-grade LEDs to track the energy systems in your muscles, allowing you to make smart, real-time changes to your training.

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Your Essential
Performance Tool

Bring precision and understanding to your training—both in real-time and post-workout. BSXinsight syncs your training data with all of your connected devices, including sports watches, bike computers, smartphones, tablets, and desktops. This allows you to easily store data, track it, and see it improve.

It eliminates the risk of over or under training, which allows athletes to train smarter, and recover faster.
Corrie Kristick
Professional Athlete
Corrie Kristick
Jack Hazen
I can think of nothing more impacting to my coaching and the performance of my athletes.
Jack Hazen
Coach for the USA Track and Field Team
2012 Olympics