What is Keke Rosberg Net Worth 2023: Bio, Age, Weight, Height, Relationships, Family

What is Keke Rosberg Net Worth 2023 Bio, Age, Weight, Height, Relationships, Family

Keke Rosberg is a​ former Finnish racing driver who gained popularity in the Formula One circuit.⁢ He had a successful⁤ career in motor racing‌ and has accumulated an impressive net‌ worth throughout ‍the years.

In this article, Bsxinsight will delve into Keke Rosberg net worth. Learn about his incredible achievements as well as the reasons behind his fame and popularity. Let’s get started! 

Quick Facts

Real NameKeijo Erik Rosberg
Popular NameKeke Rosberg, Keke
Birth⁤ DateDecember 6, 1948
ParentsLars Erik Rosberg, Lea Aino Marjatta Lautala
SiblingsJatta Rosberg, Seija Rosberg
Birth ⁢PlaceSolna, ⁣Sweden
Marital StatusMarried
Sexual OrientationStraight
Wife/SpouseSina Rosberg (m. 1983)
ChildrenNico Rosberg
Net Worth$30 million
Source of WealthMotor​ Racing
Height5′ 7″
Weight75 kg

What is Keke Rosberg Net Worth and Salary in 2023

What is Keke Rosberg Net Worth and Salary in 2023

As of ‍2023, Keke Rosberg has an estimated net worth of $30 million, according to reports. His primary ‍source of wealth comes from his successful ⁢career in motor racing.

Throughout ⁣the ⁢years, he ⁣has earned significant⁣ sums through sponsorships, endorsements,​ as‍ well‌ as prize money from various racing events.

Why is Keke Rosberg‍ Famous?

Why is Keke Rosberg Famous

Keke Rosberg is⁢ famous for his achievements in ⁣the world of sports.⁣ He won the 1982 Formula One World⁣ Championship​, driving for the Williams ​team. His victory made him⁣ the first Finnish car driver to win the prestigious title.

Rosberg’s fame also comes from his successful professional career as ⁣a race car driver, where he​ competed ⁢in ​multiple racing events⁢ and achieved numerous podium ⁣finishes. His skills and determination on the ​racetrack ⁢made him a respected figure in the ⁣motorsport community.

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Keke Rosberg Biography Overview

Early Life

Keke‌ Rosberg was born on ⁣December 6, 1948, ⁣in Solna, ⁣Sweden. ​He grew up in Finland and developed a passion ⁣for motorsports​ from ⁤a young age. His father, Olli Rosberg,⁣ was also involved in racing,‍ which further fueled‌ Keke’s interest ⁢in the sport.


There is no specific information available about Keke ‍Rosberg’s education. However,‍ it is ‌known ‌that he dedicated himself to racing from ​a​ young age,‍ pursuing his passion⁣ and honing his ‍skills on the racetrack.

Career and​ Awards

Keke Rosberg Biography Overview

Rosberg’s journey in Formula One began relatively late, at the age of 29, after stints in various other racing categories such as:

  • Formula Vee
  • Super Vee
  • Formula Two

His first Formula One drive was with the Theodore team during the 1978 season. Despite the challenges he faced with uncompetitive teams and unreliable car designs, Rosberg’s talent shone through, catching the attention of the Formula One paddock.

In 1982, Rosberg’s career reached its pinnacle when he won the Formula One World Championship title, becoming the first Finnish driver to do so.

This win was especially impressive because he only won one grand prix all year, which was the Grand Prix de Suisse in Dijon, France. His success came from his steady play and his ability to rack up points over the course of the season.

Rosberg moved into management positions in the sport after he stopped racing. He was in charge of his fellow Finns JJ Lehto and Mika Hakkinen, who would go on to win the world championship.

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Later, he was in charge of his son Nico Rosberg, who also won the Formula One World Championship in 2016. This made Keke and Nico Rosberg the only father-and-son team to both win the Formula One World Drivers’ Championship.

In addition to his management roles, Rosberg founded Team Rosberg in 1995, a professional motorsport team with a track record of success in touring car and GT Sport, junior formula, and electric racing.

He also enjoyed success as an F1 manager and is now a sought-after speaker for motorsports-themed events, sharing anecdotes of his time behind the wheel.

Throughout his career, Rosberg received numerous awards and accolades. He won ten of the 21 races he entered in 1975, and in 1982, he was awarded the inaugural Autosport International Racing Driver Award.

Personal Life

Keke Rosberg is⁣ married ⁤to Sina‌ Rosberg,⁢ and they ​have one ⁢son named Nico Rosberg. The Rosberg​ family ⁤resides ‌in Monaco.

List News 2023

  • The team, which is owned by Keke Rosberg, announced on May 27, 2023, that it would not compete in the DTM in 2023. The team has competed in the DTM since 2019 and won the championship in 2021 with Maximilian Götz.
  • Keke Rosberg was in attendance at the Monaco Grand Prix on May 28, 2023. He was seen in the paddock and at the race track and was interviewed by several media outlets.
  • He celebrated the 41st anniversary of his 1982 Formula 1 championship on August 29, 2023. He posted a message on social media, saying that he was proud of his achievement.
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Social Media Accounts

  • Instagram – @keke_rosberg ⁣(100k followers)
  • Twitter – @kekerosbergzx (50k followers)
  • YouTube -⁣ Keke​ Rosberg Official⁢ (10k ‌subscribers)
  • LinkedIn – Keke Rosberg (5k connections)
  • Pinterest – Keke‍ Rosberg (2k‌ followers)

FAQs about Keke Rosberg

When did Keke Rosberg retire from Formula⁢ One?

Keke‍ Rosberg retired from Formula One ⁢in 1986 after several successful‌ years in ‍the sport.

What is Keke​ Rosberg’s son’s name ⁣and ​his ‍achievements ‍in racing?

He​ also ⁢became a Formula‍ One driver and won the World⁢ Championship in 2016.

Where does Keke‌ Rosberg‍ currently reside?

Keke‍ Rosberg currently resides in Monaco.

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Through his ‌remarkable career in Formula One racing, Keke Rosberg has not only earned⁣ fame but also accumulated ⁣a substantial net worth.‍

His‌ dedication to ⁣the⁢ sport and his ‍success ⁢on ⁣the racetrack have solidified ⁣his place in motorsport history. Today, ‍Keke Rosberg continues to⁤ be admired and respected as an influential figure in the ‍racing community.

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